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Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Siljanoska, Julijana (2010) Doha runda pregovora i poljoprivreda. In: 15th International Symposium on Biotechnology, 26-27 March 2010, University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Agronomy - Čačak, Serbia.

Atanasovski, Metodija and Taleski, Rubin (2010) Power summation method for loss allocation in radial distribution networks with dispersed generation. In: 7th Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MedPower 2010), 7-10 Nov. 2010, Agia Napa, Cyprus.


Biljanoska, Jovanka and Martinoska, Simona (2010) SUPPLIER SELECTION CRITERIA AS A CRITIC POINT IN THE MENU QUALITY. In: 20th Biennial International Congress TOURISM & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 2010 New Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management, May 6-8, 2010, Opatija, Croatia.


Ceselkoska, Vesna and Kostov, Mitko (2010) Problems Collection in Electrical engineering I. Faculty of Technical Sciences, Bitola.


Gogoski, Risto (2010) ВЛИЈАНИЕТО НА ЕКОНОМСКАТА И ФИНАНСИСКАТА КРИЗА ВРЗ МАКРОЕКОНОМСКАТА ТЕОРИЈА И ВРЗ МАКРОЕКОНОМСКАТА И ФИНАНСИСКАТА ПОЛИТИКА. In: Меѓународната конференција на тема "Економијата и бизнисот во пострецесниот период" - Охрид.


Ilijevski, Ice (2010) Земање заложници и преговарање во заложничка ситуација. International Yearbook.


Kocevski, Jordan and Risteski, Michael (2010) CREATING GASTRONOMIC TOURIST PRODUCT. International Conference Proceedings. ISSN 978-954-21-0463-6

Kochoska, Jasminka (2010) The influence of the simulation strategy over the improvement of the classroom climate. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. ISSN 3751-3754

Kostov, Mitko and Mitrovski, Cvetko (2010) Wavelet Thresholding by Using Multiscale Correlation. In: International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies ICEST, 23-26 June 2010, Ohrid, Macedonia.

Kostov, Mitko and Mitrovski, Cvetko and Bogdanov, Momcilo (2010) Non-uniform Threshold as an Alternative to Uniform Threshold in Denoising in Wavelet Domain. Facta Universitatis, Nis, Serbia, Series: Electronics and Energetics, p-ISSN 0353-3670 (Print), e-ISSN 2217-5997 (Online), COBISS.SR-ID 12826626, 23 (1). pp. 139-146. ISSN 0353-3670

Krsteska, Vesna (2010) Morphology and biology of Paragus quadrifasciatus. Tobacco, 60 (1-6). pp. 37-42. ISSN 0494-3244


Mitrevski, Pece and Angeleski, Marjan and Janeska, Margarita (2010) The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Building Business Strategies in the Post-Recession. In: International Conference “The Economy and Business in Post-Recession, Prilep.


Nikoloski, Dimitar (2010) The perspectives of the Macedonian labour market in the period of post-recessional development. In: The Economy and business in post-recession, October 29, 2010, Prilep.


Panovski, S. and Janevska, G. (2010) Hydroenergy in Macedonia. In: Harmonization of methodologies for estimation and sustainable incorporation of biomass and other RES in municipal and national strategies for energy development, 4 November, 2010, Skopje, Macedonia.

Panovski, S. and Janevska, G. and Trajcevski, Lj. (2010) Concession possibilities for small hydro power plants in Macedonia with emphasis on the model DBOT as a special case study. In: Hidroenergija 2010, 16-19 June 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Pelivanoska, Valentina and Filiposki, K. and Jordanoska, Biljana (2010) Influence of some soil parameters on Cu and Zn contents in the oriental tobacco. Tobacco, 60 (1-6). pp. 17-21. ISSN 0494-3244

Pelivanoska, Valentina and Filiposki, K. and Jordanoska, Biljana (2010) The contents of Pb, Cd, Ni and Cr in soils and tobacco in various regions of R. Macedonia. Tobacco, 61 (1-6). pp. 15-21. ISSN 0494-3244


Risteski, Ilija and Kočoska, Karolina and Hristoski, Žarko (2010) Morphological properties of some domestic and introduced burley tobacco varieties ( lines ) in agroecological conditions of Prilep. Tobacco, 60 (7-12). pp. 71-78. ISSN 0494-3244

Risteski, Michael and Dimoska, Tatjana (2010) FUTURE TYPES OF TOURISM – SPACE TOURISM. International Conference Proceedings. ISSN 978-954-21-0463-6

Risteski, Michael and Naumov, Kliment (2010) ORGANIZING OF THE TOURIST PROPAGANDA IN A ROLE OF TOURIST DESTINATION DEVELOPMENT AT TIMES OF ECONOMIC CHALLENGES. International Congress Proceedings,. ISSN 978-953-6198-79-5, 978-953-6198-78-8, part 110

Ristevski, Blagoj and Loshkovska, Suzana (2010) A comparison of models for gene regulatory networks inference. In: The 2nd International Conference ICT Innovations 2010, 12-15 September, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.


Samakoski, B. and Dukovski, V. and Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka and Samak, S. (2010) Automated Production of High Performance Composites. In: Innovative Production Systems-Key to Future Intelligent Manufacturing (chapter 9). University of Maribor / St Cyril and Methodius University-Skopje, 2010.

Samakoski, B. and Dukovski, V. and Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka and Samak, S. (2010) Integrated Production Technology and Process Development for Automated Composites Production. In: 3rd International Conference Advanced Composite Materials Engineering, COMAT 2010, 2010, Brasov, Romania.


Stanojoska, Angelina and Nikolova, Kristina (2010) STANDARD OPERATIVE PROCEDURES FOR PROTECTION AND TREATMENT OF VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Diritto straniero, Osservatorio sullo sviluppo delle discipline penalistiche nei Balcani.


Talevski Dimitrija, Jove and Janusheva, Violeta and Pejchinovska, MIlena (2010) LEARNING THROUGH RESEARCH, A POSSIBILITY FOR PERMANENT PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT OF THE TEACHING STAFF IN THE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. In: Национална конференция с международно участие ”Образователни технологии 2010”, 8-9.10, Сливен.

Tashkoski, Petre and Miceska, Gordana and Dimitrieski, Miroslav (2010) TOBACCO REACTION TO TOXIC METABOLITES OF THE PATHOGEN PHYTOFTHORA PARASITICA VAR. NICOTIANAE. Tobacco, 60 (7-12). pp. 112-120. ISSN 0494-3244

Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka (2010) Polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flakes as new candidates for display and sensor applications. In: NATO ASI: Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors, 2010, Sozopol, Bulgaria.

The University Of Rochester (2010) Electrically Actuated Doped Polymer Flakes and Electrically Addressable Optical Devices Using Suspensions of Doped Polymer Flakes in a Fluid Host. 11/230,059.

Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka and Trajkovska-Broach, A. and Samakoski, B. and Dukovski, V. and Sokolovski, Z. (2010) Hybrid Glass-reinforced thermoplastic roving for CNG tank applications. In: Nanomaterials Conference, 2010, London (UK).


Zdravkoski, Igor (2010) ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION AND STANDARDIZATION OF ACCOUNTING - CHALLENGES OF 21st CENTURY. In: 2nd Balkans and Middle East Countries Conference on Auditing and Accounting History (2nd BMAC), 15 - 18, Sep. 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.


Јанушева, Виолета (2010) Авансирање, односно рехиерархизација на аргументите при транзитивизација на едноаргументските глаголски предикати во битолскиот говор. „Хоризонти“ (6). pp. 459-467.

Јанушева, Виолета and Пејчиновска, Милена and Стојчевски, Вецко (2010) Хуманите вредности низ наставните соджини по Македонски јазик (подрачје литература) и по Географија во 7 одделение од деветгодишното образование. In: Петти научен собир „Образование за хумано општество“, 28-29.5, Скопје.


Мојаноски, Цане Т. (2010) За поимот наука за безбедноста (асфалиалогија). ј.

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