Gogoski, Risto (2010) ВЛИЈАНИЕТО НА ЕКОНОМСКАТА И ФИНАНСИСКАТА КРИЗА ВРЗ МАКРОЕКОНОМСКАТА ТЕОРИЈА И ВРЗ МАКРОЕКОНОМСКАТА И ФИНАНСИСКАТА ПОЛИТИКА. In: Меѓународната конференција на тема "Економијата и бизнисот во пострецесниот период" - Охрид.

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The crisis we face in the financial markets and world economy has many novel aspects, largely arising from the complexity and sophistication of today's financial institutions and instruments and the remarkable degree of global financial integration that allows financial shocks to be transmitted around the world at the speed of light.

As in all past crises, at the root of the problem is a loss of confidence by investors and the public in the strength of key financial institutions and markets, which has had cascading and unwelcome effects on the availability of credit and the value of savings.

Although global macroeconomic conditions might not be at the origin of the crisis, they have contributed to it. To help solve the crisis, we should not only overhaul the regulatory framework for financial markets but also ensure a better macroeconomic management of our economies.

“Bretton Woods II” represents a new era of cooperation between economic and financial authorities worldwide, enhancing cross-border regulation and reform the financial system, it is a full redesign of the global financial architecture and of the role of the multilateral institutions and it implies a sort of arrangement to stabilize major exchange rates – or at least to reduce their fluctuation, a new global exchange rate system, maybe as the one established in the aftermath of the Second World War

The current economic crisis should provide an opportunity to reassess global economic arrangements and prevalent economic doctrines.

Key words: economic crisis, financial crisis, macroeconomics theory and policy, reform of financial system, regulation .

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