Dimoska, Tatjana and Kocevski, Jordan (2010) CREATING ECO-TOURISM PRODUCT. Proceedings from the 20 th Biennial International Congress: “Tourism and Hospitality Industry 2010: New Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management”, Opatija, Croatia.

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Since it first appearance in the early 80’s, the eco-tourism has attracted many tourists to its cause. Even more, it has become one of the major industries of the national economy and a significant portion of the Gross
Domestic Product in some countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya etc. Eco-tourism is an extraordinary
tool for conservation, a support mechanism for poverty alleviation, and as a driver of sustainable development if carefully conceived, well managed and strictly controlled. But the creation of eco-touristic product is a delicate job, it has to be done carefully. The environment that will be touristic valorized has to
stay untouched, in the sense of not losing any of its main characteristic and appearance. That is a hard job,
since the valorization may include creating some paths, putting signs, building different buildings and so on.
Therefore the eco-touristic product, weather it includes a destination or a hotel, has to fulfill some prerequisites. It has to perfectly “fit in” the environment. Also it is very important that if this prerequisites are fulfilled to be maintained further. The creating of the eco-touristic product has to consider many issues and go through a procedure of few stages. That’s why many scientists have arguments “for” and “against” turning a protected area or environment into a tourist attraction. Even if the eco-touristic product is done according the stages and it doesn’t change the environment, there is still the issue of the visitors and their influence on the area. These and some other issues will be part of this paper.

Key words: eco-tourism, eco-tourism product, creating

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