Future types of tourism - space tourism

Risteski, Michael and Dimoska, Tatjana (2010) Future types of tourism - space tourism. Алтернативи за развитие на съвременния туризъм. pp. 547-559. ISSN 978-954-21-04636

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Tourism, seen as a complex social and economic phenomenon, emerges to an unseen level of progress and advancement worldwide. It is known that tourism represents a complicated occurrence that has a great impact on the international economy – of course in a positive sense. It represents a so called “tourism industry” because of the large number of implications that arise from it and is at the same time one of the largest economy activities worldwide.
Over the past few years, the travel and tourism industry has had to contend with a series of unprecedented challenges. Political uncertainty, terrorism, consumer wariness and economic turbulence have all placed enormous pressure on this industry. These events have left their mark – not only on the balance sheets of industry players and on global employment, but also in terms of changes in consumer demand and behaviour. In an effort to adapt to the shifting marketplace, the travel and tourism industry has had to restructure and refocus its efforts. While business plans have become increasingly short term, more and more governments are realizing that they can not leave travel and tourism growth to chance. This emerging global consciousness represents a great opportunity for this industry.
It is important to determine the demand for passenger space travel. This requires information ranging from the world population of people wealthy enough to afford such flights to their fitness and interest levels.
Although the existence of the evolution towards this direction is obvious, numerous factors contributed for the deceleration of public space tourism development. One slowdown of this process is the insufficient knowledge and understanding about the extent of the market’s true potential. Certainly, the various difficulties that emerge from this type of tourism development, such as undefined relations in regulation, legislation, insurance and safety, market blockages etc. can not be disregarded. Therefore, appropriate understanding and research about the public interests for this kind of travel is needed, as well as qualitative and quantitative forecast analysis for future tourism demand and supply. This is intended in order to achieve a clear defining of the volume and characteristics of the market’s potential, which will have positive benefits and advantages for all involved stakeholders in this new tourism activity: transport construction of space stations/space hotels, investments, insurance and safety, finances, state policies, as well as trade and tourism entirely.

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