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Bogdanova Popov, Biljana and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Ahmad, M. Ayaz and Shariati, M. Ali (2017) An overview on applications of guar gum in food systems to modify structural properties. Saudi J. Med. Pharm. Sci., 3 (5). pp. 373-376. ISSN ISSN 2413-4929 (Print) ISSN 2413-4910 (Online)

Bogdanova Popov, Biljana and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Presilski, Stefce and Shariati, Mohammad Ali and Najman, Stevo (2017) Assessment of heavy metals in propolis and soil from Pelagonia region, Republic of Macedonia. Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 36 (1). pp. 23-33. ISSN 1857-5625

Bojkovska, Katerina and Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Petkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana and Jankulovski, Nikolce and Petkovska, Tatjana and Joshevska, Elena (2016) Consumer behavior towars organic dairy products: case of Macedonia. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 7 (4). pp. 1264-1270. ISSN 2229-5518

Dimitrovska, Gordana and Srbinovska, Sonja and Joshevska, Elena and Jovanovska, Vangelica (2017) QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY OF INDIGENOUS TRADITIONAL ‘’BIENO’’ CHEESE IN THE REGION OF MARIOVO, MACEDONIA. AGROFOR International Journal, 2 (2). pp. 116-123. ISSN 2490-3442

Dimitrovska, Gordana and Srbinovska, Sonja and Presilski, Stefce and Manevska, Violeta and Kocoski, Ljupce and Joshevska, Elena (2016) TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF ’’BIENO CHEESE” IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Journal of Faculty of Food Engineering, XV (1). pp. 55-60. ISSN 2559 - 6381

Dovenski, Toni and Trojacanec, Plamen and Petkov, Vladimir and Popovska-Percinic, Florina and Kochoski, Ljupche and Grizelj, Jure (2012) Laparoscopy-promising tool for improvement of reproductive efficiency of small ruminants. Macedonian Veterinary Review, 35 (1). pp. 5-11. ISSN 1857-7415

Georgieva, Anka and Kirkova, Stefka and Srbinoska, Marija (2016) Investigations on the passing of nicotine from tobacco in smoke at variety group Virginia, Burley and Oriental. Съюз на Учените в България – Пловдив. pp. 234-238.

Jankuloska, Vezirka and Karov, Ilija and Pavlovska, Gorica and Kalevska, Tatjana and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Uzunoska, Zora (2019) PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN FOOD: FOOD SAFETY, NUTRITION AND HEALTH EFFECTS. International Journal of Food Technology and Nutrition.

Jankuloski, Zhivko and Arapcheska, Mila and Tanaskovikj, Vjekoslav and Jankulovski, Nikolche and Nechkovski, Stojanche (2015) Effect of Regime of Irrigation and Fertilization of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) on Yield of Sugar. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, 5 (8). pp. 64-66. ISSN ISSN 2224-3208 (Paper) ISSN 2225-093X (Online)

Jankulovski, Nikolce and Stojanoska, Julijana and Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Petkovska, Katerina (2008) TQM u poljoprivrednim organizacijama s posebnim akcentom duvanske industrije u novoj paradigmi. XIII Savetovanje o Biotehnologiji sa međunarodnim učeščem, 13(14). pp. 513-519.

Kadriu, Genc and Kochoski, Ljupche and Dimitrovska, Gordana and Trajkovska, Biljana (2018) The Expansion of Functional Food-Dairies in the Internal Market of the Republic of Kosovo. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR), 39 (2). pp. 15-20. ISSN 2307-4531

Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Tomovska, Julijana and Bonev, Georgi and Dimitrov, Stanimir and Dimitrovska, Gordana and Presilski, Stefce and Ahmad, M. Ayaz (2014) Interrelationship between the milk urea nitrogen level and milk coagulation traits in Holstein-Friesian cows with reproductive disorders in R. Macedonia. International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology & Engineering (IJERSTE),, 3 (4). pp. 199-207. ISSN ISSN: 2319-7463

Lazarevska, S. and Janusevska, V. (1994) Efficiency of Novodor tm against cigarette beetle Lasioderma serricorne Fab. Зборник на трудови од 18то - советување за заштита на растенијата, Скопје, 5 (5). pp. 37-44.

Medugorac, Ivica and Veit-Kensch, Claudia E. and Ramljak, Jelena and Brka, Muhamed and Marković, Božidarka and Stojanović, Srđan and Bytyqi, Hysen and Kochoski, Ljupche and Kume, Kristaq and Grünenfelder, Hans-Peter and Bennewitz, Jörn and Förster, Martin (2011) Conservation priorities of genetic diversity in domesticated metapopulations: a study in taurine cattle breeds. Ecology and Evolution, 1 (3). pp. 408-420. ISSN 20457758

Menkovska, Mirjana and Tomovska, Julijana and Vllasaku, Ilmije and Gjorgovska, Natasa and Levkov, Vesna (2018) Food Microbial Contamination by Toxigenic Molds-Threat for Human and Animal Health. Science Inquest, Journal of Nutrition and Diet Supplements., 2 (1). p. 101.


Nematian, Ali and Tomovska, Julijana (2015) Effects of Plant Density and Vermicompost on the Rate of two Active Substances, Aloenin and Aloe emodin of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis mill.). Active Substances, Aloenin and Aloe emodin of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis mill.), 4 (2). pp. 132-137. ISSN 2277-3657

Petrovska, Biljana and Gacovski, Zivko and Cilev, Goce and Petrovska, Natasa and Zdraveski, Igor (2014) The trend of increase or decrease in sheep breeding in separate regions of R. Macedonia. Agro- knowledge Journal, 15 (2). pp. 207-216.

Primorac, Ljiljana and Angelkov, Boris and Mandić, Milena and Čačić Kenjerić, Daniela and Nedeljko, Martina and Flanjak, Ivana and Perl Piričk, Antonija and Arapcheska, Mila (2009) COMPARISON OF THE CROATIAN AND MACEDONIAN HONEYDEW HONEY. 1332-9049, 10 (3). pp. 263-270. ISSN 1332-9049

Stojiljkovic, Jasmina and Trajcev, Metodija and Nakov, Dimitar and Petrovska, Milena and Petanovska Ilievska, Biljana and Kochoski, Ljupche and Glavash Dodov, Marija (2019) Antimicrobial effect of thyme essential oil against Salmonella enteritidis inoculated in flour and homogenized eggs. SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, 66 (1). pp. 100-105. ISSN ISSN 2535-1311

Stojiljkovic, Jasmina and Trajchev, Metodija and Nakov, Dimitar and Petrovska, Milena and Petanovska Ilievska, Biljana and Kochoski, Ljupche and Glavash Dodov, Marija (2019) Antimicrobial effect of sweet basil essential oil against Salmonella enteritidis growth in vitro. SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, 66 (1). pp. 106-112. ISSN ISSN 2535-1311

Tomovska, Julijana (2017) Influence of fertilization and agronomic practices on acrylamide formation - Review for potato and grain crops. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 15 (3). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2320-0227

Trajkovska Petkoska, Anka (2020) Differences between microbiota, phytochemical, antioxidant profil and DNA fingerprinting of cabernet sauvignon grape from Slovakia and Macedonia. Potravinarstvo Slovak Journal of Food Sciences. (In Press)

Conference or Workshop Item

Arapcheska, Mila and Tuteska, Jovanka and Hajrulai-Musliu, Zehra and Uzunov, Risto (2017) EFFECTS OF POST-HARVEST PROCESSING ON FATTY ACID COMPOSITION OF SAFFRON (CROCUS SATIVUS L.). In: VIII International Scientific Agriculture Symposium “AGROSYM 2017”, October 05 - 08, 2017, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bojkovska, Katerina and Prodanovska Poposka, Vesna and Dojchinovski, Trajan and Jankulovski, Nikolche and Mihajlovski, Goran and Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Najdovski, Blagojche (2016) Sustainable development and organic production as determinants of contemporary agro-industrial production. In: XII International Symposium: Biodiversity and Sustainable Economic Development, December 21, 2016, Tirana, Albania.

Dovenski, Toni and Petkov, Vladimir and Trojacanec, Plamen and Mickov, Ljupcho and Atanasov, Branko and Nikolovski, Martin and Kochoski, Ljupche (2011) Application of novel biotechnical methods for improvement of ovine reproductive efficiency. In: Symposium Reproduction in domestic animals, Divcibare, Serbia.

Dovenski, Toni and Trojacanec, Plamen and Petkov, Vladimir and Kochoski, Ljupche and Grizelj, Jure (2011) Use of laparoscopy in assisted reproduction of small ruminants. In: 12th Central Europian Buiatric Congress, Europian Biuatric Meeting, International Scientific and Professional Congres, 18-22 May, Pula, Croatia.

Dovenski, Toni and Trojacanec, Plamen and Petkov, Vladimir and Popovska-Percinic, Florina and Kochoski, Ljupche (2011) Using of ultrasound guided Ovum Pick-Up (OPU) in Bovine Embryo Industry as an alternative to superovulatory treatment. In: 2nd Conference of the Balkan Network for the Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Ahmad, M. Ayaz (2015) Estimating Dairy Product's Viscosity with Artificial Neural Networking (ANN) Model. In: 5th International Congress on Physics of Radiation-Matter,, 5-7 May 2015, EL Jadida, Morocco.

Kochoski, Ljupche and Kitanovski, Dimce and Najdovski, Zlatko (2011) Application of sex-sorted semen in bovine reproduction. In: Denovi na Veterinarna Medicina, Ohrid, Macedonia.

Tomovska, Julijana and Stefanovska, Velina and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Trajkovska, Biljana and Gjeorgievski, Nikola (2012) Verification method for proving the aflatoxin in feed. In: I International Conference on Analytical Chemistry (RO-ICAC’ 2012), 18-21 September 2012, Targoviste Romania.

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