Food Microbial Contamination by Toxigenic Molds-Threat for Human and Animal Health

Menkovska, Mirjana and Tomovska, Julijana and Vllasaku, Ilmije and Gjorgovska, Natasa and Levkov, Vesna (2018) Food Microbial Contamination by Toxigenic Molds-Threat for Human and Animal Health. Science Inquest, Journal of Nutrition and Diet Supplements., 2 (1). p. 101.

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The food is necessity for keeping in life humans and animals, but it can also be a threat for their health and wellbeing. Food can be contaminated by a range of microorganisms and their toxins causing foodborne illnesses. Among them the mycotoxigenic molds produce mycotoxins as metabolic products. Most of them are carcinogenic causing acute damage to human and animal organs. The most important genera in the spoilage of foods and animal feeds are Aspergillus and Penicillium species which produce a variety of aflatoxins having deleterious effects on human and animal health.
Keywords: Mycotoxins; Alfatoxins; Occurance; Detection; Control

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