Тhe Species of Superfamily Ichneumonidaea– Parasites of Aphidophagous Hoverflies

Krsteska, Vesna and Lazarevska, Stanislava (2017) Тhe Species of Superfamily Ichneumonidaea– Parasites of Aphidophagous Hoverflies. Proceedings of the VIII International Agricultural Symposium „AGROSYM 2017“,. pp. 1570-1575.

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Aphidophagous hoverflies are one of the most important predators of Myzus persicae. The
relationship between laid eggs of hoverflies, up to new emerged adults is very variable factor.
Besides abiotic conditions, biotic interactions with other parasites can affect the survival of
hoverflies. During tobacco vegetation, in the Prilep area, we applied the following methods:
survey of 20 tobacco stalks and survey of 100 tobacco leaves, in 10 days interval. The prime
material collected from the nature, further is cultivated and analysed in laboratory.
Were identified seven parasite species from superfamily Ichneumonoidea, emerged from
pupae of hoverflies: Diplazon laetatorius Fabricius, 1781, Diplazon sp. 2, Diplazon sp. 3,
Homotropus sp. 1, Homotropus sp. 2, Sussaba sp. 1, and Promethes sp. 1. The most numerous
is the parasitic specie D. laetatorius. It was registered as a parasite on: Sphaerophoria scripta,
Sphaerophoria rueppelli, Episyrphus balteatus, Scaeva pyrastri and Eupeodes corollae.
Diplazon sp. 2, Diplazon sp. 3 and Homotropus sp. 2 are parasites only on S. pyrastri.
Homotropus sp. 1 is a parasite on: S. scripta S. rueppelli, S. pyrastri and E. corollae. Sussaba
sp. 1 and Promethes sp. 1 are parasites on S. scripta and S. rueppelli.
From the pupa of Syrphidae is emerges one imago of parasite, that biting hole on rounded side
of the pupa. The annual activity of these parasites is synchronized with the maximum
availability of the larvae of their hosts. Parasitism occurs later in August, and during
September. This data could be useful in implementation of Integral pest management.
Keywords: aphids, Syrphidae, parasites, Ichneumonoidea

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