Kočoska, Karolina and Kabranova, Romina (2018) THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CONDITIONS ON THE LEAF SIZE OF BASMA TOBACCO. In: 9th International Agriculture Symposium “AGROSYM 2018”, 04-07 October 2018, Jahorina,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Morphological traits are of major importance in determination of the type of tobacco and varieties within the type. These traits differ to a lesser or greater extent and are genetically controlled. Under the influence of inadequate agro-ecological and technological conditions, tobacco types can also show strong variations in bio-morphological properties, especially in dimensions of the leaves. Such variations can occur despite the genetic control and are known as "plasticity" of tobacco. Therefore, before starting the production of some tobacco type or variety, it is necessary to know the basic preconditions for its stable production in order to avoid major variations in morphological and production characteristics. Three-year investigation 2009, 2010 and 2011 was carried out in the experimental field of Tobacco Institute – Prilep Republic of Macedonia. The trial was set up using the method of randomized blocks in 5 replications, with three varieties of Basma tobacco (MK-1, MB-2 and MB–3) and one Yaka variety (YK 7-4/2) as a check. The aim of investigation on morphological traits length, width and angle of the top and bottom leaf was to get a real picture of the varieties and their plasticity under the influence of different climate conditions. Research workers of the Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep created several varieties of Basma tobacco, including MK-1, MB-2 and MB-3, approved by the State Commission for variety testing in 2010, which yield and quality guarantee a cost - effective production. The creation of new tobacco varieties is a long-term commitment of the Tobacco Institute - Prilep and continuous process which has not been interrupted up to this day, giving a great contribution to the production. The significance of the trials was computed statistically and with the use of LSD test.
Keywords: morphological traits, basma, length, width, leaf

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