Pelivanoska, Daniela (2023) CHEESE WITH REDUCED SALT CONTENT. In: 1st International Conference on Pioneer and Innovative Studies.

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Nowadays, there is growing awareness about reduced fat food as well as free fat products. Low
fat milk products, particularly low and salt cheese represent a good choice for the development
of new products with functional properties. Consumers are always looking forward to desirable
and healthy products. Therefore, consumer's demand for low-fat/calorie products has
significantly raised in an attempt to limit health problems, to lose or stabilize their weight and to
work within the frame of a healthier diet. Removing all or only part of the fat and salt from
cheese can negatively affect its taste, texture, and functionality. Many of the low-fat and salt
cheeses have an uncharacteristic taste, greater transparency, less melting, rubbery and resinous
texture. To overcome these shortcomings, during the production of low-fat and salt cheese, safe
and convenient ingredients have been introduced in the dairy industry that improve its texture
and taste, increase its shelf life, improve its appearance, while the product is not inferior to the
characteristics of the standard type of cheese. However, despite the efforts made to improve the
sensory and functional properties of low-fat and salt cheese, it is a general finding that users are
still skeptical about its selection and consumption. To that purpose, reducing fat and sodium in
cheese and maintaining its safety and quality continues to be a challenge for the dairy industry in
highly developed countries.
Keywords: fat, salt, cheese, health, dairy industry

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Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2024 11:48
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