The impact of different technologies on the production and quality of tobaccdo seedlings.

Kabranova, Romina and Kočoska, Karolina and Tanaskovich, Vjekoslav and Mavroski, Robin (2017) The impact of different technologies on the production and quality of tobaccdo seedlings. VIII International Scientific Agricultural Symposium "Agrosym 2017" Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 5-8 October. pp. 350-355. ISSN

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Tobacco has widespread areal of distribution and great adaptation towards outdoor conditions. During the production, the time of acceptance of seedlings, and the number of accepted plants per unit area are different and primarily depend on: biological potential of the varieties, technical measures and agro-environmental factors at the time of transplanting, but mostly from the quality of seedlings. The experiment was conducted in random block system, in four replications on two varieties of oriental tobacco (prilep NS 72, yaka JV 125/3) in three variants: variant 1-control; variant 2 Float Tray -N (TERRA STAR/22:11:22+2Mg) and variant 3 Float Tray -P (CHELAN/ 11:49:12+2Mg). The results show a statistically significant difference between numbers of accepted plants in the studied years. The results show that a high level of acceptance of tobacco after transplantation is greatly conditioned the result of seedling production technology. Therefore it is necessary, putting into practice appropriate, modern and profitable technologies for the production of tobacco seedlings, for successful and productive tobacco production.
Keywords: oriental tobacco, tobacco seedlings, quality, acceptance.

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