Morphological traitistics of leaves in burley tobacco genotypes

Kočoska, Karolina and Risteski, Ilija (2018) Morphological traitistics of leaves in burley tobacco genotypes. Tobacco, 67 (7-12). pp. 11-17. ISSN 0494-3244

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The raw materials of Burley and Virginia tobacco constitute about 80% of the composition of blend cigarettes. The early 70ties of the last century were marked by an intensive search for the best variety, primarily in terms of yield and quality. During that period of modest production of Burley tobacco, the Scientific Tobacco Institute in Prilep, R. Macedonia, created new male-sterile varieties of this type: B-96/85 CMS F1, B-1/91 CMS F1, B-2/93 CMS F1 and Pelagonec CMS F1, each of them carrying specific traits. These varieties successfully replaced the variety Chulinec, and some of them were exported to other countries. The fact that there is no ideal variety created once and for all motivated the breeders of Tobacco Institute - Prilep to create new varieties (genotypes) with improved morpho-biological and productional traits. The aim of this paper is to present morphological traits (leaf length and width) of three foreign varieties (Kentucky 14 (Ø), Stella, B-1000) and three Macedonian male-sterile hybrid lines: B-198/11 CMS F1, B- 204/10 CMS F1 and B-205/10 CMS F1. The two-year investigation was set up in randomised block design with 4 replications and morphological measurements were statistically processed. In the process of creating new lines, parental pairs which contain different morphological traits in their genetic constitution were used. Only intervarietal hybridization was applied to obtain male-sterile hybrid varieties. The best of them were studied for several years and they gave satisfactory results, which are presented in this paper.

Keywords: tobacco, Burley, type, variety, hybrid

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Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Agricultural Sciences > Agricultural biotechnology
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