Analysis and characteristics of the new Virginia hybrid lines in CMS form.

Risteski, Ilija and Kočoska, Karolina (2019) Analysis and characteristics of the new Virginia hybrid lines in CMS form. 10 th International Scientific Agriculture Symposium „AGROSYM 2019” (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 3-6 October 2019.. pp. 519-523. ISSN ISBN 978-99976-787-2-0

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V-88/09 CMS F1, V-120/15 CMS F1 and V-79/09 CMS F1 are male-sterile hybrid lines of
Virginia tobacco created during 2009-2017 at the Scientific Tobacco Institute-Prilep by intervarietal hybridization. Following the previously obtained data on their characteristics, they
were included in the comparative trials carried out in the experimental field of Tobacco
Institute –Prilepin 2012-2016. Foreign tobaccos were included in the trial as check varieties.
Throughout this period, the lines V-88/09 CMS F1, V-120/15CMS F1 and V-79/09 CMS
F1showed better bio-morphological and production traits in comparison with the check
varieties. It allowed them to overcame all other lines and varieties included in the trials. The
time of flowering, the length of the growing period and the stalk height in these lines are
characters typical of Virginia tobacco. Excellent results were obtained with regard to yield
and quality (average price USA $ / kg) and to the gross income (USA $ / ha). In most of the
traits, these lines exceeded the control varieties and achieved statistical significance level of
1% and 5%. The purpose of this paper is to inform the domestic and general public with the
achievements in this area, in hope to raise their attention and interest. Data presented here
shall recommend these lines to be enrolled in the National list of varieties.
Key words: tobacco, Virginia, line, traits.

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