Тhe species of superfamily Chalcidoidea–parasites of Aphidophagous Hoverflies

Krsteska, Vesna and Lazarevska, Stanislava and Postolovski, Mile (2017) Тhe species of superfamily Chalcidoidea–parasites of Aphidophagous Hoverflies. Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty/The Special Issue of 2 nd International Balkan Agriculture Congress. pp. 7-12.

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The species of the family Syrphidae are one of the most important predators of the peach leaf aphids on tobacco. In
the complex food chain, aphidophagous hoverflies are attacked by a wide range of parasites. During tobacco
vegetation, in the Prilep area, we applied the following methods: survey of 20 tobacco stalks and survey of 100
tobacco leaves, in 10 days interval, 2003-2005. The prime material collected from the nature, further is cultivated and
analysed under laboratory conditions. Parasited larva of Syrphidae, feeds with aphids and perform its bioregulatory
role. Parasite species are activated after the larva of hoverflies is transformed into a puppet stage. They are feeding
on tissues and organs of the hoverflies and destroy them. Were identified three parasite species from superfamily
Chalcidoidea, eclosed from pupae of hoverflies: Pachyneuron grande (Pteromalidae), Pachyneuron cf. grande
(Pteromalidae) and Syrphophagus aeruginosus (Encyrtidae). The most numerous is the parasitic specie P. grande. It
was registered as a parasite on: Sphaerophoria scripta, Sphaerophoria rueppelli, Episyrphus balteatus, Scaeva pyrastri
and Eupeodes corollae. P. cf. grande is a parasite on: S. scripta and S. rueppelli. S. aeruginosus is a parasite on: S.
scripta, S. rueppelli, S. pyrastri and E. balteatus. The emergence of parasitic species depends on the occurrence of
host-hoverflies, while the emergence and development of aphidophagous hoverflies depends on the occurrence of
the peach leaf aphids on tobacco and climate conditions of the area. This study may contribute in strategies of
biological control of plant pests and IPM implementation.
Keywords: Aphids, Syrphidae, parasites, Chalcidoidea

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