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Bagdassarian -Hristova Lubomirova, Valentina and Atanasova Stefanova, Maria and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Ahmad, M. Ayaz (2016) Soild-Liquid Extraction Kinetics of Total Phenolic, Total Flavonoid, Rutin and Tannin Contents in 50% Ethanol Extract of Cotinus coggygria. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 7 (2). pp. 1466-1472. ISSN 2229-5518

Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana (2016) PARASITE FAUNA IN COMMON CARP (CYPRINUS CARPIO L., 1758) FROM CYPRINID FISH FARM IN PELAGONIA REGION (BITOLA, MACEDONIA). International Journal Knowledge, 15 (2). pp. 903-907. ISSN 1857-92

Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana and Sivakova, Biljana (2016) Some qualitative properties of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) from aquaculture facility in Demir Hisar region (Macedonia). SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, 63 (1). pp. 104-110. ISSN 1314-7102

Bojkovska, Katerina and Prodanovska-Poposka, Vesna and Dojchinovski, Trajan and Jankulovski, Nikolche and Mihajlovski, Goran and Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Najdovski, Blagojche (2016) Sustainable development and organic production as determinants of contemporary agro-industrial production. In: XII International Symposium: Biodiversity and Sustainable Economic Development, December 21, 2016, Tirana, Albania.

Bojkovska, Katerina and Angeloska-Dichovska, Monika and Petkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana and Jankulovski, Nikolche and Petkovska, Tatjana and Joshevska, Elena (2016) CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES FOR APPLICATION OF SUSTAINABLE MARKETING IN ORDER TO INCREASE THE CONSUMPTION OF ORGANIC DAIRY PRODUCTS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Banat's Journal of Biotechnology, 7 (13). pp. 49-60. ISSN 2344-4045

Bojkovska, Katerina and Petkovska, Tatjana (2016) POSSIBILITIES AND PERSPECTIVES FOR EXPORT OF MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS FROM REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Economic development, 1 (2/2016). pp. 59-78. ISSN 1409-7893


Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar and Angjelovski, Branko and Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana and Kostov, Vasil and Nastova, Rodne and Gjorgovska, Natasa and Stefanovska, Jovana and Cvetkovikj, Iskra (2016) RED MARK SYNDROME IN RAINBOW TROUT FARMED IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: FIRST OBSERVATION. 7th International Scientific Meeting - Days of Veterinary Medicine 2016. pp. 145-146.


Dimitrovska, Gordana and Srbinovska, Sonja and Presilski, Stefce and Manevska, Violeta and Kocoski, Ljupce and Joshevska, Elena (2016) TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF ’’BIENO CHEESE” IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Journal of Faculty of Food Engineering, XV (1). pp. 55-60. ISSN 2559 - 6381

Dovenski, Toni and Popovska-Percinic, Florina and Atanasov, Branko and Ilievska, Ksenija and Nikolovski, Martin and Dovenska, Monika and Trojacanec, Plamen and Kochoski, Ljupche (2016) Possibilities of ultrasound guided ovum pick-up (opu) for substitution of hormonal superovulation in bovine embryo production. In: International Vetistanbul group Congress, 17-20 May, Sarajevo, BiH.


Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Ahmad, M. Ayaz and Tomovska, Julijana and Bogdanova Popov, Biljana and Najdovski, Blagojche (2016) A Soft Computing Approach Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Soil and Vegetables in the Republic of Macedonia. In: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, 26.01.2016, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Makarijoski, Borche and Presilski, Stefce and Usman Кhаn, Mohammad and Нlеbа, Lukas and Ali Shariati, Mohammad and Rаshidzаdеh, Shilan (2016) ТHE IMPACT OF DIFFERENT STARTER CULTURES ON FAT CONTENT, PH AND SH DYNAMICS IN WHITE BRINED CHEESE PRODUCTION. Proceedings of VSUET, 4 (-). pp. 135-140. ISSN -

Makarijoski, Borche and Presilski, Stefce and Velevski, Slavko and Tomovska, Julijana and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Trajkovska, Biljana and Mihajlovski, Goran (2016) INFLUENCE OF STARTER CULTURES ON FAT CONTENT DYNAMICS IN PRODUCTION OF WHITE BRINED CHEESE. Horizons, 3 (1). pp. 47-53. ISSN 1857-9884

Makarijoski, Borche and Presilski, Stefche (2016) The impact of different starter cultures on fat content, pH and SH dynamics in white brined cheese production. Proceedings of the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies (4). pp. 135-140. ISSN 2310-1202


Pacinovski, Nikola and Dzabirski, Vladimir and Porcu, Kocho and Cilev, Goce and Joshevska, Elena and Petrovic, Milan and Antunovic, Zvonko (2016) Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeds in Macedonia. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry, 32 (2). pp. 145-161. ISSN 1450-9156

Presilski, Stefce and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Makarijoski, Borche and Bojkovska, Katerina and Mihajlovski, Goran and Chokuzovski, Igorche (2016) STATE AND PROJECTION OF THE GOAT'S HERD SIZE AND MILK PRODUCTION IN PELAGONIA REGION. Journal of Agriculture and Animal Production Science for Rural Development, VI (2). pp. 29-33. ISSN 2224-7718


Sivakova, Biljana and Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana (2016) The impact of different diet and environmental conditions on chemical composition of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) from Macedonian aquaculture facilities. Food and Environment Safety. Journal of Faculty of Food Engineering, 15 (3). pp. 227-233. ISSN 2559 - 6381

Stevanovski, Vangel and Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Prodanovska-Poposka, Vesna (2016) THE INFLUENCE OF FEEDING TO THE PRODUCTION CHARACTERISTICS OF STANDARD (ONCORHYNCHUS MYKISS WALBAUM, 1792) AND GOLDEN (ONCORHYNCHUS MYKISS STEVANOVSKI, 1987) RAINBOW TROUT. Journal of Agriculture and Animal Production Science for Rural Development, VI (2). pp. 59-67. ISSN 2224-7718


Tomovska, Julijana and Dimitrovska, Gordana and Presilski, Stefce and velkova, k (2016) WHEY AND ITS INHIBITION OF LIVER ENZYMES. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry. ISSN 1450-9156

Tomovska, Julijana and Gjorgievski, Nikola and Makarijoski, Borche (2016) Examination of pH, Titratable Acidity and Antioxidant Activity in Fermented Milk, Journal of materials Science and Engineering. Journal of Materials Science and Engineering A, 6 (11). pp. 326-333.

Trajkovska, Biljana and Kochoski, Ljupche and Elmazi, Kujtim and Abdullahi, Guxim and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Presilski, Stefce and Fejzulah, Fejzula and Makarijoski, Borche and Kuzmanovska, Liljana and Seferi, Nesim (2016) The influence of season on the cow milk quality and hygiene in dairy plant in Polog region. Journal of Agriculture na Animal Production Science for Rural Development, 6 (2). pp. 49-53.

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