Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeds in Macedonia

Pacinovski, Nikola and Dzabirski, Vladimir and Porcu, Kocho and Cilev, Goce and Joshevska, Elena and Petrovic, Milan and Antunovic, Zvonko (2016) Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeds in Macedonia. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry, 32 (2). pp. 145-161. ISSN 1450-9156

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The purpose of the survey was to determine a bond between
certain factors that affect most of the production traits in crossbreeds between Awassi and Ovchepolian indigenous sheep in Macedonia. We implemented 1145 individual lactation controls in two years of production (2012 and 2013). The impact of individual factors is studied using F-test and the analyses are made using SPSS set of programs. Many factors (lactation, lambing month and number of milk
controls) had highly significant impact (P<0.001) on daily milk production (morning, evening and total milk, fat percentage and fat kg) in this breed of sheep.
Only fertility had no impact on any of the examined factors, with the exception of total daily milk, on which manifested with highly significant impact (P<0.01). The
average milk yield in examined crossbred sheep was 109 ± 0.479 l in two years of production, while the production of milked milk was 72 ± 0.421 l for the same period of time. The length of lactation period in these sheep was average 203 ±0.61 days, for two analysed years. In relation to the age, in second lactation sheep
was determined somewhat higher daily milk yield (0.478 ±0.01 l.), compared to sheep in first lactation (0.475 ± 0.01 l.). This is quite logical, keeping in mind the
lactation curve in sheep, especially those of dairy breeds to which Awassi breed belongs.
Key words: Awassi crossbreeds, production traits, impact of factors, daily milk yield

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