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Rexhepi, Besarta and Rakicevic, Gabriela and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2022) THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCES ON THE QUALITY OF GASTRONOMY IN THE REGION OF FERIZAJ. Iternational Journal Knowledge, 55 (1).

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2021) INSTAGRAM AS A MEDIA FOR E-BUSINESS IN TOURISM. E-HotelLink, 1 (1). ISSN ISSN: 2738-1684 (online)

Chochoroski, Tosho and Sekulovska, Mirjana and Rakichevik, Gabriela (2019) IMPLEMENTATION OF PRACTICAL WORK IN THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS OF HIGHER EDUCATION - QUALITY FACTOR. International Journal Knowledge, 31 (2).

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2018) IMPLEMENTATION OF CRM SOLUTIONS IN TOURSM. HOTELPLAN 2018, BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS, ISB 978-86-60060-09-1 Publisher: The College of Hotel Management, Belgrade, Serbia.

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2017) INFORMATION ASSURANCE OF THE LOGISTICS WITH THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. International scientific conference, practical conference, University of economics - Varna, Bulgaria ISSN 978-954-21-0945-7

Sekulovska, Mirjana and Sekulovska, Ivona (2017) WEBSITE PROMOTION OF TOURISM IN REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. International Journal "Knowledge". ISSN 1857-923X, p.1527, GIF 1.322

Sekulovska, Ivona and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2017) EXCEPTIONS AND LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE COPYRIGHT: US DOCTRINEOF FAIR USE. International Journal KNOWLEDGE, 16 (4). ISSN 2545-4439 (Online)

Sekulovska, Mirjana and Dimoska, Biljana (2014) THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY FOR MICRO INSURANCE ORGANIZATIONS. Horizons, 13. pp. 221-228. ISSN 1857-856X

Marinoski, Naume and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2013) ORGANIZING AND SIGNALIZATION OF TOURISM SPACE IN THE FUNCTION OF SELECTIVE DEVELOPMENT. International Scientific Journal “Hotel-link”. ISSN 1451-5113

Sekulovska, Mirjana and Sekulovski, Emilijan (2012) Implementation of ICT in Border Management in Republic of Macedonia. Journal "Science prospects". ISSN 2077-6810, No 5(32) 2012 Tambov, p. 170

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2011) INTERNET BUSINESS MODELS FOR E-INSURANCE AND CONDITIONS IN REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 44 ( 2012 ) 163 – 168, 44.

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2011) EXIM IN REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA - ONE-STOP SHOP FOR PERMITS FOR IMPORT, EXPORT AND TRANSIT OF GOODS AND TARIFF QUOTA. Logistics Present and Future, IBIS Publishers, Sofia, 2011 p. 81.

Book Section

Novacka, Ludmila and Vlasic, Dubravka and Svec, Roman and Morvay Karakasne, Klara and Sekulovska, Mirjana and Topaloglu, Cafer and Fedosova, Kateryna (2022) Covid-19 Pandemic in the Hotel industry. In: Covid 19 Pandemic in the Hotel industry. Vydavatelstvo EKONOM Bratislava, 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia, p. 67. ISBN 978-80-225-4875-5 (In Press)

Sekulovska, Mirjana and Marinoski, Naume and Nestoroska, Ivanka and Risteski, Michael (2018) Macedonia; in Hospitality and Tourism in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis – Vodenska M. (Ed.). In: Hospitality and Tourism in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Analysis. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, pp. 261-295. ISBN 978-1-5275-1120-0

Conference or Workshop Item

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2018) IMPLEMENTATION OF CRM SOLUTIONS IN TOURISM. In: 7th International Congress Hotel Plan 2018: "Hospitality as a quality factor of tourist destination offer and competitiveness", The College of Hotel management, Belgrade, Serbia.

Martinoska, Simona and Sekulovska, Mirjana and Rakichevikj, Gabriela (2017) SUSTAINABLE TOURISM STANDARDS IN THE FUNCTION OF KNOWLEDGE FOR QUALITY. In: KNOWLEDGE IN PRACTICE.


Sekulovska, Mirjana (2016) ELECTRONIC SERVICES IN HOSPITALITY. In: "Hotel Link", Belgrade, Serbia.

Risteski, Michael and Marinoski, Naume and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2016) COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. In: XVI International Conference of Partner Institutions “Planning for Change”, Ohrid.

Sekulovska, Mirjana and Sekulovska, Ivona (2015) THE IMPACT OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN THE KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. In: International COnference "Knowledge", Agia Triada, Greece.

Martinoska, Simona and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2011) Culture in tourist product as a major asset for market competetiveness. In: JSC Cultural road via Pontica Cultural Tourism Without Boundaries.

Martinoska, Simona and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2008) Factors Which Affect Gastronomy Development in the Future. In: 19th Biennial International Congress Tourism & Hospitality Management, May 07-09 2008, Opatija, Croatia.


Sekulovska, Mirjana (2009) Informatics - theory and practice 2nd edition. University St. Kliment Ohridski - Bitola, Macedonia, Kiro Dandaro - Bitola, Macedonia. ISBN 978-9909-870-54-5

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2004) Informatics - theory and practice. Faculty of tourism and hospitality, Grafomak - Kichevo, Macedonia. ISBN 9989-119-05-8

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2004) Management Information Systems. Faculty of tourism and hospitality - Ohrid, Ohrid, Macedonia, p. 282. ISBN 9989-785-61-9

Teaching Resource

Risteski, Michael and Sekulovska, Mirjana (2023) The Role of the Tourist Guide - Exceeding Expectations. In International Case Studies for Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Students and Trainees – Ineson E., Hong M., Yap T., Niţă V. (Eds.) ISBN: 978-606-687-509-7, Volume 14, pp. 3-7. [Teaching Resource]

Sekulovska, Mirjana (2017) Logistics Systems. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

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