Economic indicators for the sustainability of tobacco production in the Republic of North Macedonia

Katerina, Kareska Economic indicators for the sustainability of tobacco production in the Republic of North Macedonia. In: XII INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 24-26, May, 2023, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Tobacco production in the Republic of North Macedonia has a long tradition and is a strategic
crop in the industrial crops sector, occupying a significant place in the structure of Macedonian
agriculture and implying significant economic and social effects in the national economy. The
overall goal of this research is to show the economic elements of sustainability of tobacco
production as an indispensable industrial crop with equivalent economic benefits.
Through this paper, the need to study this issue will be shown due to the fact that tobacco
production plays a key role both for the development of certain municipalities and for the entire
national economy. The studies will mainly be based on secondary sources of data, and the set
goal is dictated by several methods: method of indices, comparative inductive, deductive and
other mathematical-statistical methods characteristic of agro-economic research. In
Macedonia, tobacco production is organized on an average area of 16.260 ha, that is, 78.8% of
industrial areas. About 22.000 producers are engaged in tobacco production, or rather, tobacco
is a source of basic and additional income for a population of about 80.000 people. Tobacco
production has a strong social component due to its labor-intensive nature, but it should also
be emphasized that all stages of the production process are contractually regulated by a separate
legal solution. Macedonia is among the top 30 tobacco producing countries in the world and
among the 20 exporters of raw tobacco. Most of the tobacco produced in Macedonia, i.e. 90%,
is exported. The fact is that Macedonia exported more than it imported in the analyzed sevenyear period. Today, when the areas under tobacco maintain a stable level, the state support for
the income of agricultural holdings engaged in tobacco production must continue, by
encouraging balanced and sustainable development in the tobacco-producing regions, as well
as support in the formation of producer organizations in accordance with European experiences.
Key words: tobacco, unprocessed tobacco, tobacco production, sustainability, economic indicators, agricultural policy

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