Analysis of the state of tobacco production in Macedonia with special reference to the young working population

Pasovska, Silvana Analysis of the state of tobacco production in Macedonia with special reference to the young working population. Journal of Agriculture and and Plant Sciences. ISSN 2545-4455

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Tobacco production is a significant branch, from which about 30.000 families exist and brings foreign currency inflow of about 120 million euros per year, which is certainly enough incentive for the state to be oriented towards the maintenance and development of this branch. In fact, tobacco is our strategic export-oriented branch and in the past decade it has recorded stable and sustainable production ( 24.000 tons of tobacco were exported in 2020, and 30.000 tons of tobacco were exported in 2021 ), which provides a significant foreign exchange inflow to the state budget.
In order to achieve greater effects and sustainability of this significant industrial culture, special emphasis should be placed on the management and organization of the tobacco production process, with mandatory motivation and stimulation of younger people who are less and less present in this sphere. In this context, we mean not only subsidies as the only way of support, but also education and encouraging the creation of a mandatory business plan, as well as the purchase of modern agricultural machinery through the program for rural development. For the past harvest of 2022, the purchase price of tobacco, which is a primary condition for further production and which reached a record level of 285 denars per kilogram, which is an increase of 40% compared to previous years, was particularly stimulating. of course, it will give a positive signal to the tobacco producers who will still see tobacco production as a primary activity, from which they will provide a livelihood for their families, but also an opportunity to make a profit.

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