Changes of Fatty Acids Composition in Yogurt Packed in Different Packaging

Arapcheska, Mila and Dimovski, Maja and Hajrulai – Musliu, Zehra and Uzunov, Risto and Tuteska, Jovanka and Jovanovska, Vangelica and Joshevska, Elena (2017) Changes of Fatty Acids Composition in Yogurt Packed in Different Packaging. SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, 64 (1). pp. 103-108. ISSN 2535-1311

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Food quality and safety depend to a great extent on packaging materials used. Adequate and functional packing
materials have to be chosen in order to keep nutritive values and quality properties of food as long as possible.
The main objective of this work was to analyze the changes of fatty acids composition of yogurt packed in
different packaging material. The yogurt samples were grouped into two groups according to the type of
packaging materials (carton and plastic) and were stored at +4°C. Samples for analysis were taken on each 7th
day during the period of 28 days. The following parameters were examined: fat content, dry matter content and
acidity. Changes of fatty acids composition during the examined period in both groups of samples were analyzed
by gas chromatography. Also microbiological analysis of yogurt samples was done. The obtained results did not
show significant differences (p<0.05) in the fatty acids compositions between yogurt samples packed in carton
and plastic materials.

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