Trifunovska, Katerina and Pavlovska, Gorica and Jankuloska, Vezirka (2023) MYCOTOXINS - INFORMATION OR TABOO TOPIC FOR THE POPULATION OF THE PELAGONIJA REGION. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design.

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Mycotoxins are natural toxins that often occur as contaminants in food and feed. They have been shown to cause
various diseases and food poisoning in humans and animals, known as mycotoxicoses. Depending on the type
of mycotoxin, amount, and timing of exposure, mycotoxins can cause acute or chronic toxicity. The aim of this
research was to determine the knowledge of the citizens of Bitola and the Pelagonija region about the presence
of mycotoxins in food, as well as their harmful effects.
For this purpose survey was conducted on 100 respondents from Bitola and the Pelagonija region via questionnaire
through Google Docs forms. The survey consists of 22 questions divided into 4 groups: basic information about
the respondents, general knowledge about mycotoxins, the presence of mycotoxins in food, and their toxic effects
on human health. Advanced statistical analysis of three key questions from the survey was performed using the
Chi-square test of independence. In addition, the Cramer value was calculated.
The results showed that the respondents were mainly women (70%) with higher education (51%) who had
relatively good general knowledge about mycotoxins with correct answers between 43% and 65%. The knowledge
of the presence of mycotoxins in food was lower, and the correct answers ranged between 41% and 49%, except
for one question where only 29% of respondents answered correctly. The respondents had the least knowledge
about the toxicity of mycotoxins, in other words, only about 30% of the respondents had correct answers to half of
the questions. Statistical analysis showed that there was a statistically significant difference between the answers
to the questions, and the values of the Cramer coefficient showed that the correlation between the answers is
generally moderately strong.
This research showed that a large population of respondents needs to be educated by schools, organizations,
nutritionists, or health professionals about these dangerous food contaminants.

Key words: Mycotoxins, Presence in food, Toxicity.

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