Finding the Eigenspaces of a Matrix with GeoGebra

Mancevska, Sonja and Karamazova Gelova, Elena and Kocaleva Vitanova, Mirjana (2023) Finding the Eigenspaces of a Matrix with GeoGebra. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies AIIT 2023 13 October, 2023, Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia. pp. 220-227. ISSN 978-608-5003-03-7

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In this paper we present the design of two GeoGebra applets for solving problems involving eigenspaces of a given matrix. One applet features the steps of the standard procedure for finding the eigenvalues and the corresponding linearly independent eigenvectors which will span the eigenspaces. As an additional result, this applet gives an answer to the question whether a given matrix can be diagonalized (by displaying its modal and spectral matrix), or not. The other applet is based on the GeoGebra’s commands for the eigenvalues and the Jordan canonical form of a given matrix. It automates the extraction from the similarity matrix in the Jordan decomposition the basis for each of the eigenspace.

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Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Natural sciences > Mathematics
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