The Feminist Pathways Perspective: The Pathways to Crime of Female Murderers in the Republic of North Macedonia

Stanojoska, Angelina (2023) The Feminist Pathways Perspective: The Pathways to Crime of Female Murderers in the Republic of North Macedonia. In: The Handbook on Female Criminality in the Former Yugoslav Countries. Springer. ISBN 978-3-031-27627-9

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Factors leading to violent behavior among females resulting in homicide are complex and interconnected on several social levels and on an individual level. Previous research in North Macedonia (Stanojoska, Jurtoska, Feminist pathways perspective: A case study. In: Towards a better future: Democracy, EU integration and criminal justice, vol 1. Praven Fakultet-Kicevo, Bitola, pp 48–54, 2019; 2020) has shown a correlation between strain and abuse and discrimination resulting in violent crimes.

Purpose: The principal purpose of this chapter is by means of the feminist pathways perspective to investigate the life trajectories of women toward violent behavior.

We should conclude on the most common life trajectories of women who’ve committed murder and are incarcerated. It will also help us to structure the classification of pathways for incarcerated women in North Macedonia.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The research includes N = 9 (nine) incarcerated women who have committed murder. Through the in-depth interviews, we gathered data about events from women’s lives prior to their criminal activity that could have triggered criminal behavior as a response to those life events.

Findings: Women commit murder more rarely than men. When they do commit it, in most cases, it is either connected to intimate partner violence or the victim is another family member or their baby.

Originality/Value: In North Macedonia, to our knowledge, no research has been done on feminist pathways in connection to homicide. Based on the results, gender-specific intervention and prevention strategies could be designed by the relevant authorities.

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