Војната за ресурси, причина за нарушување на глобалната безбедност

Georgiev, Goce (2015) Војната за ресурси, причина за нарушување на глобалната безбедност. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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Seemingly the security challenges and wars that took place in the past were mostly related to territory and ethnic diversities, while the reasons for todays wars and the emergence of the contemporary war and future wars, will take place beacause of the oil, water, migration and the establishment of a new world order, as Fukuyama says. In other words, the reason for outbreak of wars and clashes will be much more significant because it covers quite a wide range of activities for starting wars that are in favour of the neoliberal democracy. It can be concluded that the politics of power still dominates in the current new world order that will have high priority in the future.
The upcoming decades of the new century will greatly commemorate the wars for resources. The emerging wars will give a serious emphasis on the global security, threatening those regions which are rich with natural resources (water, oil, natural gas, various kinds of ore and minerals) then the regions where the transit roads are crossing or the regions that are near the border areas of two or more states, in which a strategic resources of this kind are located.
It can be concluded that there is only one type of security and it is the global security, determined by the global threats and global interests, that is covered by the individual, national and regional security, where the connection among them is so close.
We can certainly conclude that the future global security and the wars that are happening now as well, shall not be only for conquering territories but the main reason for those wars would be the regions rich with natural resources

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