Functional characteristics of food of animal origin

Kalevska, Tatjana and Nikolovska-Nedelkoska, Daniela and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Jankuloska, Vezirka and Nakov, Gjore (2020) Functional characteristics of food of animal origin. Proceedings of University of Ruse, 59. pp. 74-79.

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Due to the growing concern of consumers about their own health, nutrition and food quality, in recent years the food industry has focused on the development of food products with functional characteristics (functional food) that have a special specific composition and nutritional quality. Functional foods in addition to traditional nutrients contain functional (bioactive) ingredients that positively affect health and reduce the risk of disease. Functional foods can be foods that naturally contain functional components, foods that are "enriched" with functional ingredients, or foods that remove certain ingredients, which reduces the risk of developing some diseases.
The functional characteristics of food of animal origin (milk, meat, eggs..) are the result of the natural content of functional components, due to which they have an irreplaceable role in nutrition globally.Incorporating bioactive ingredients in the processing of milk and meat (probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants..) or the replacement of some components (saturated fats..) with components that have proven positive effect, allows the creation of functional dairy and meat products with favorable health and physiological effect. Today, the production of functional food is steadily increasing, and new products are increasingly accepted by consumers.
The paper is a review of literary data on the functional characteristics of different foods of animal origin and its importance in the diet.

Keywords: functional food, bioactive ingredients, food of animal origin

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