REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND EU – A date for starting accession negotiations with the EU оr alternative to the east?

KEKENOVSKI, JOVE (2013) REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND EU – A date for starting accession negotiations with the EU оr alternative to the east? IX ECPD International Conference National and Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation, Religious Tolerance and Human Security in the Balkans NEW BALKANS AND EUROPE: PEACE, DEVELOPMENT, INTEGRATION, 1. pp. 183-196. ISSN ISBN 978-86-7236-087-5

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Тhe membership in the European Union is strategic interest of Republic of Macedonia from the day of its independence. The Republic of Macedonia, as a country, which is a part of the process of enlargement of the European Union, has always supported the project for European integration, as a single model for mutual creation of the future, which has ensured the European continent the longest period of peace, stability and economic prosperity. From the moment diplomatic relationships have been established with the EU, the Republic of Macedonia has become a legimate partner of trust and ally of the EU. In the process of approximation to the EU, the Republic of Macedonia has undergone all institutional stages of that process. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the Republic of Macedonia has fulfilled all criteria to start the negotiations for membership in EU, that is recorded in the last three positive reports and the confirmed recommendation for the start of the negotiations by the EC of the EU in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In the direction of eliminating the smallest observations and in the direction of application of the European standards and values, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and the Government continue further with the reforms, in the direction of fulfillment of all criteria for the full membership in the European Union and complete fulfillment of the obligations, taken by the signing of the Agreement for Stabilization and Association. The Republic of Macedonia constructively and actively participates in the negotiations process under the auspicies of the special representative of the Secretary-General of the UNN, the ambassador Matthew Nimetz with a view to overcome the irrational issue, imposed by the Republic of Greece relating to the differences regarding the name of our country. The Republic of Macedonia is continuously committed to find mutual acceptable solution that does not indanger the Macedonian national identity, language and culture.
But Macedonian citizens are faced with status quo situation. Republic of Greece has been disputing the Macedonian integration process into the EU consistently, and the rest of the EU members are powerless to vote on decision to start negotiations. At the middle of October the fifth consecutive positive report is expected by EC and EU, as well as the fifth consecutive recommendation to start negotiations. However Macedonian citizens will again not get a date for starting accession negotiations with the EU. Is this situation sustainable? Has the time come to put an end to the efforts towards the EU and to seek alternatives to the east or to a new regional integration? Is it possible without major tectonic disturbances in the Balkans to create a new union as an alternative to the EU. Nowadays it is more obvious that Russia, China, Turkey, and even India show increased interest in this part of Europe. How much is this alternative real and feasible versus Euro-Atlantic integration is a question that this paper deals with.

Keywords: European integration, stabilization, association, recommendation, negotiation, euroscepticism, geostrategic plan

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