Mojanoski, Cane and PELIVANOVA, NATASA (2016) INDICATORS FOR LEVEL OF CORRUPTION IN CERTAIN ENTITIES IN REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 6 (3). pp. 123-139. ISSN 2231-5780

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The work actualizes the issues related to the ways of corruption research as a social phenomenon. A special consideration is given to the doubts about the application of quantitative and qualitative research approaches. In this context, arises the question about what is the theoretical efficiency of the research results, and how they offer a solution for complex forms of corruption and wthat the social response is. In that context are discusses the efforts of improving the quality of the debate and the contemporary practice. It is dealt the relation between the criminological research and the policies and practices as a key element of the applied criminology. Also analyzed are the research results from the off-road research conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the Republic of Makednonije involving 1210 participants in 2013, 1017 in 2014 and 1041 in 2015. Especially are analyzed the answers associated with preventive approaches and ways of preventing crime, especially corruption activities. So the question of how it can be proven corruption by the assessment of the offered testimony of the citizens. That attitude had 28.84% of the participants in 2013, 28.81% in 2014 and 32.85% in 2015. A number of respondents believe that proving corruption can be achieved by collecting material evidences. Their attitudes range from 19.34% in 2013, 17.21% in 2014 and 18.64% in 2015. In this context is also discussed the relationship between research, policy and practice. Therefore the discusses about prevention as a segment of criminal policy, and therefore security policy, ie creating insecurity in the community. KEY WORDS: research, corruption, prevention, citizens, community.

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