Globalization and its impact on international politics, nation-state and state sovereignty

Temelkovska-Anevska, Elena (2014) Globalization and its impact on international politics, nation-state and state sovereignty. International Scientific Journal “Horizons" Series A Social Sciences and Humanities, 16. pp. 169-179. ISSN 1857- 856X

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Globalization is an actual phenomenon covering all major fields of social
life. This paper focuses on the specific impact that globalization has upon
nation-state as a central element of international politics.
Globalization symbolizes the increasing intensity of worldwide
interconnectedness. It is an uneven process which creates not only a more
cooperative world, but also many reasons for instability, resistance and
conflicts between the countries.
The world order and politics are facing a new “danger” – the
sovereignty of states is under question. According to some theorists there
is a constantly growing dependency and interconnectedness between the
states, and the governments have become weaker and less relevant than
ever before. Therefore, one question arises: to what extent globalization
affects the sovereignty and autonomy of the nation-states and does
globalization mean the end of state sovereignty?
Although the globalization has many forms, in this paper will be
critically examined only the political and economic dimensions of
globalization. Also, the focus will be on the impact of globalization on
state sovereignty and international politics.

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