Tomovska, Julijana and Gjeorgievski, Nikola and Nedelkovska, Marta and Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Trajkovska, Biljana (2013) DETERMINATION OF PERSISTENT ORGANOCHLORINE PESTICIDES IN MILK BY GC/ECD. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, 2. pp. 21-29.

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Organochlorine insecticides are among the most important organotoxins. Physicochemical properties of
these toxins, especially their lipophilicity, facilitate the absorption and storage of these toxins in human and animal bodies. The existence of the residues of these toxins in milk which is one of the most widely used foodstuff containing lipids can be a quantitative and qualitative index for the presence of these toxins in animal bodies.

The goal of this research was to establish presence of seven important organochlorine insecticides in raw
milk produced in farms located in three different regions of our country. This milk is used as raw material in dairy industry and it can be found in the market. Detection and measurement of toxic substances was achieved using a gas chromatograph with ECD detector.
It was calculated dependence in % of OCPs from % fatty of milk, and the applied temperature which was adequate to the same used for milk homogenization and pasteurization. The quantities of OCP’s were determined in three regions of Republic of Macedonia: Pelagonia region, St. Nikole region and Skopje region.
In Pelagonia region, DDT is most present insecticide and its max value was 0.21% and the minimum value
0.17%. In the region of St. Nikole, most dominant insecticide was Heptachlor, in amount of 0.35%. In the Skopje region, it is the similar situation, meaning that is mainly present OCP is Heptachlor 0.17% followed by DDT with 0.16%.
Based on the results from our investigation we can conclude that the presence of these pesticides in milk and dairy products is minimal, which meet quality requirements.

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