Vasileska, Larisa (2017) MEDDLING WITH JUSTICE AND RULE OF LAW: CORRUPTION AND CULTURE OF IMPUNITY. In: Judicial reforms and anti -corruption practices : challenges, prospects and transfer of experiences / 1 st International scientific conference on law and social sciences 2017 (ISCLSS'17), May 2017, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.

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Of all the challenges that Republic of Macedonia is facing, perhaps none is more complex
than reducing corruption and strengthening the Rule of Law. As a matter of fact no one is
immune to corruption and there is no anti-corruption vaccine. Bribery and corruption,
endemic to most cultures and mainstay of human greed, is now as it has always been, a thorn
in our righteous side. What once almost 25 years ago started as a new independent Republic,
Macedonia now faces a terrible state of absurdity or the twilight zone of legal horror. It was
Chief Justice Aharon Barak of the Supreme Court of Israel said: “The judiciary is the
guardian of the Constitution”, but if the Constitutional Court is the guardian of the
Constitution, who is going to guard us against the Constitutional Judges. It is clear that all this
could seriously destabilize an already unstable situation. So how do we fight corruption if we
lose control of the criminal prosecution system? In this paper, we will try to present the absurd
state in which current Macedonian society is. The Republic of Macedonian is in desperate need of
institutional reconstruction. Macedonian people cry for justice and rule of law. The need for
reform is long overdue. Ending impunity is the way to end corruption. However, the justice
system itself is corrupt. The judicial system must clean up its own ranks and bring in new
staff in through merit-based recruitment. Today the judiciary is too often a tool for the
powerful and rich and it is not serving ordinary citizens who suffer from injustice fed by
corruption. By starting from the top, the Macedonian Government can send a strong signal to
all people of Macedonia that the time of corruption is over.

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