The content of cypermethrin pesticide residues after different methods of apple preparation

Dimoski, Aleksandar and Jankuloska, Vezirka and Pavlovska, Gorica and Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka (2021) The content of cypermethrin pesticide residues after different methods of apple preparation. HORIZONS.

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The apple considered as an important food source due to its nutritive
composition as well as biological activities of its compounds. Due to the positive
health benefits, apples are present in the daily diet in a fresh and in different
processed forms. However, different types of pesticides used during apples
cultivation in order to improve the yield, quality, but also to combat the insects
and pests. On the other hand, pesticides can affect the human health, like that
their monitoring strongly recommended. Food processing is one of the most
effective strategies for decontaminating of food items from pesticides and
obtaining safe products for consummation. This study summarizes the presence
of cypermethrin, as one of the most used pesticide for apple crops, in fresh as
well as in processed apple products prepared by various methods including
mechanical and thermal. The extraction of pesticide residues of cypermethrin
from apple products performed by QuEChERS method while the analysis
performed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The
concentration of cypermethrin presented in various products was in the range of
0.01024 mg/kg to 0.0142 mg/kg that concludes that all analyzed samples are safe to consume, while the apple peeling method is the most effective in
reducing the cypermethrin in the final products.
Keywords: pesticide residue, cypermethrin, food processing, apple juice, food

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