Individual risk factors among youth offenders prior and during incarceration: Macedonian case

Stefanovska, Vesna (2020) Individual risk factors among youth offenders prior and during incarceration: Macedonian case. Balkan Social Science Review, Vol. 16 (2020),. pp. 141-157.

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Much research has been done related to the influence of the prison environment on the convicted persons, the role and significance of the rehabilitation treatment, the characteristics of the inmates and their connection with the processes of adaptation and the negative consequences of the pains of imprisonment. This research is based on several theories within criminology and penology and one of them being the importation model. This model highlights the importance of the characteristics of inmates, their ethnicity, individual risk factors, previous socialization, internal value system, delinquent friends, criminal history, education and the influence of these characteristics on adaptation processes in prison facilities. The importation theory proposes that the previous life, criminal career and other risk factors shape the way in which young inmates adapt and behave in the institution. This paper will look at the importation theory by examining certain individual personal and family risk factors of young inmates and the impact of these factors prior to and during incarceration in an educational correctional facility. The analysis is based on qualitative data collected by conducting in depth interviews with young inmates to capture their attitudes and experiences in relation to these factors. The survey presumes that these risk factors that contributed to crimes outside are also risk factors that influence institutional adjustments and behaviour of the inmates.

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