Dujovski, Nikola and Mojsoska, Snezana (2016) CONTEMPORARY MIGRATION AND MIGRANTS AS VICTIMS OF CRIMINAL ACTS. POSOLSTVO JÁNA PAVLA II. 2016 „Súčasné výzvy a trendy v...“ Zborník z medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie konanej v dňoch 21. – 22. apríla 2016 v Poprade (2). pp. 60-69.

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Persecution, chronic conflict and human rights violations in many countries have
produced the highest numbers of displaced people in history. By the end of 2014, 59.5
million people worldwide had been forced from their homes. In 2014 alone 13.9 million
became newly displaced—four times the number in 2010 (UNHCR pp. 2 - 3).The
countries who ordinarily host these refugees are no longer able to cope. The vast majority
of the world’s refugees are hosted by developing countries, mostly in the Middle East,
Turkey and Pakistan. Turkey alone hosts 1.9 million refugees (UNHCR 2016), more than
any other country in the world. With neighboring countries no longer able to provide
basic services and opportunities, refugees are forced to seek refuge farther afield.What
the media calls a “migrant crisis” in Europe is in fact a refugee crisis.The vast majority of
people arriving by boat to Europe’s shores are fleeing from harm.Recognizing this as a
refugee crisis is not just a matter of semantics: while states are legally obliged to respect
and protect the rights of all human beings within their jurisdiction, they have particular
legal obligations to refugees.The paper will focus on refugee crisis and will seek for some
possible solutions. The agreement EU-Turkey is a good step forward, but it is not enough
to manage the whole situation on appropriate way. It is very important to put more efforts
in order to control the refugee flows and possible migrant’s route. Republic of Macedonia
is sharing the very same challenges with other Balkans and EU countries, both economic
and crime perspective of migrant crisis.

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