Pejchinovska, Milena and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove (2009) THE NEED FOR ESTABLISHEMENT OF NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE OF SPACE DATA BY MEANS OF GIS TECHNOLOGY IN ACCORDANCE WITH INSPIRE. In: INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE “Importance of developing National Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Macedonia based on INSIPRE directive”, 27 March, Skopje.


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The advancement of computer technology and corresponding software multiplies the number of possibilities for visual and virtual presentation of the world that surrounds us. The Geographical Information System (GIS) is one of the benefits of such advancement and we already know of the three-dimensional GI Systems which provide three-dimensional topographic maps with no time, space or topic limitation. The introduction of a European infrastructure system that enables access to integrated space data for all GIS technology users is a very significant initiative intended in R. Macedonia. The GIS technology encompasses the advancement of information technology, geodesy, cartography, geography and alike. The potential benefits of the GIS technology are: better cartography service; decrease of the manual sets of stored maps as well as the costs of the same; higher efficiency which enables capacity and storage growth; quick and full access to geographic data through authorized ministries; improved analyses of all fields, distances, samples etc.; better communication with the public users; higher service quality; easier goal reach and service coordination; enhancement of productivity by wider span of information; improved efficiency in map updating etc. It is possible to establish the infrastructure of space data only in cooperation and mutual understanding among all participants in the process (municipal and local authorities, the academic sector, the private sector, professional associations and other interested parties). In order to provide an infrastructure in the state and in accordance with the European standards, the INSPIRE principles are to be respected and directions leading towards long-term, efficient, and modern infrastructure based on the latest technological advancements are to be taken. The INSPIRE vision includes: collecting and storing data only once, and at the most effective level; simple combination of the data collected from different sources from all over Europe and easy access for the numerous users; all level use of the information gained at one level, detailed information, general strategic information; wide use of the geographical information necessary for management of all levels; easy way to learn which geographic information is available; satisfactory for certain uses and the conditions under which it can be obtained and used, easily understandable and interpretable geographic information, with adequate archive and visualisation in an attractive context for the users. If INSPIRE recommendations are not followed, incompatibility of information may be caused i.e. incompatibility of the information systems, fragmentation of information, and their folding into one another which eventually results into lack of coordination outside the borders of the country, as well as among the levels of the state institutions which are the main information providers. Data use policy comes on the stage (copyright, access policy and licence). NSDI offers possibilities for geographic data creation and by means of methods and technologies it leads towards standardization of the same. By browsing the data base it enables access to geographic data and use of the same by all interested parties (Public Security Service, Health Care Service, Land registry, The Waterworks etc). It also disables duplication of geographic data which certainly saves money and time. How to get to NSDI? Some of the ways are: presentation of the benefits of GIS to the Nation and all the others interested; activating GIS (for use and benefits) in the curriculum of the universities as well as in the other educational and academic institutions; organizing seminars and symposiums where people involved in the development of this technology can meet and exchange experiences; Exchange of GIS technologies and ideas, Internet premise and forum equipment for on-line discussions.

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