Malish Sazdovska, Marina and Krstevska Savovska, Katerina (2019) THE CORRUPTION IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA - WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS TO POLITICIANS. Abstracts Proceeding Book of the International scientific conference „Money in Politics: Reflections, Expectations and Solutions“. pp. 73-76. ISSN ISBN 978-9928-267-13-9

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“In this corrupt state and with such corrupt officials, the corruption will never reduce nor disappear”, “Maybe one day the situation will change by itself, but with these thieves I do not think so”, “This society is corrupted to its bones”… were some of statements, highlighted as the most interesting, that were given by the interviewees during the conduction of the Survey concerning the opinion (assessment) of the Macedonian citizens about the corruption. Namely, by the Research team within the Faculty of Security - Skopje in the period 2013-2017 organized a field Survey, with an aim to provide a scientific description of the citizens’ opinion about the characteristics and consequences of the corruption, and also about the corrupt activities in the country.
Having in mind the situation in the country and the complexity of the corruption as a subject of interest, the Survey was systematized in several chapters. However, the Paper shall give an overview only on the following issues: The corruption among the politicians with a special focus on giving a bribe, giving money in cash, services of other nature, transferring money on account as well as sponsorship (an attention shall be given to the corruption’s modus operandi, in order to define a strategy for suppression of this criminal act); Analysis of the corruption among the political leaders in the society and its comparison to other professions (since there are many professions in one society, an overview shall be given on the corruption between the politicians and political leaders, and their position on the scale of corrupt professions in Republic of Macedonia); The contacts that the citizens have established with the political leaders (depending on the contacts, the possibility of corruption among certain persons arises, so a point shall be given to the frequency of their contacts in a time period of one month to one year); The expressed opinion of the interviewees about the contribution of the political parties and political leaders as a relevant stakeholders in the development of system to fight against corruption, as well as the political parties and their contribution in the development of the system to fight against corruption (an assessment of their preparedness / determination to fight against corruption shall be performed).
In essence, in order to prevent and fight against corruption in the Republic of Macedonia, a wide scope of activities should be taken in all spheres of social life, involving a number of stakeholders and competent authorities. About the complexity of the question speaks not only the Survey that was conducted, but also the fact that for 2017 the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index has ranked Republic of Macedonia at 107 place out of 180 countries, with a score of 35. Therefore, the starting hypothetical position of the Survey was that the corruption is a serious threat to any society, which also refers to the Macedonian society, as a community with a specific economic development (long duration of the transition process), slow changes of the socio-economic relations, obstacles in international integration and presence of blockade of the neighbours (economic and political), and the complexity of inter-ethnical and inter-religious relations.
As a final point, it should be noted that the main research question encompassed by the Paper shall be the opinion of the citizens about the Macedonian politicians and the corruption.

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