Knowledge and Competence as a Basic Substrate of Meritocracy System in State Authorities

Vitanski, Dejan (2015) Knowledge and Competence as a Basic Substrate of Meritocracy System in State Authorities. Knowledge International Јournal Scientific and applicative paper V9, 9. pp. 191-195. ISSN 1857-92

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In the scientific literature and comparative practice are differentiated and established two dichotomous models of selection of officers. They are: spoils system and political recruiting of meritocracy system. The core of the first system lays in the political patronage and sponsorship, while the core of the other lays in the professional skills and competences.
Spoils system has symptoms of a kind of sinister ,,malignant disease” which progressively and virulently metastasizes throughout the state organism, causing paralysis of his vital organs.
Given the fact that spoils system generates social anomia and decadence of the state - administrative constitution and infrastructure as well, in the paper ripples the uncompromising commitment to urgent installing of valuable meritocracy system in all cells of the state organism. In fact, meritocracy should be,,universal panacea” for resuscitation of the groggy administrative systems in dysfunctional states and for their transformation into functional civil service apparatus.
Key words: spoils system, meritocracy, officers, selection

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