Reforms aimed at service orientation of security services

Menkinoski, Milko and Vitanski, Dejan (2015) Reforms aimed at service orientation of security services. Faculty of Security - Skopje. ISBN 978-608-4532-76-7

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The principle of service orientation should be incorporated in the physiognomy of the security institutions as an essential ingredient, but also as the primary standard in the mindset and professional portfolio of security personnel. In the article are detected the basic attributes that constitute the identity of the substrate orientation service in terms of a law and social consideration. In addition the stress is put on the importance of this fundamental principle which is based as a substantial element in contemporary European security architecture.
Service placement should be the main guide and roadmap in functioning, in other words the social welfare and security should be established as a statutory regulations for their work. Service orientation is most relevant barometer for the level of democracy, security, tranquility and comfort of the citizens in the exploitation of the guaranteed rights and the exploitation of social graces. Ultimately, the legitimacy and authority of the security institutions depend on the service orientation because the intention of some developed countries is creating a culture of “qualitative and secure services for the citizens” which is established as an ideology.
Service orientation imperatively requires significant cultural change in the actions of the security organizations. Also it requires adequate facilities as catalysts of the change, and time for that change in order to be implanted and realized. The reform process that moves along this trajectory should receive treatment on an ongoing and continuous activity, which will require a serious understanding and receptivity by the employees, who must receive appropriate training, incentive and benefits. Also, in this context should be noted that successful reforms are twofold, that require action “from the top to the bottom” (for instance leadership) and vice versa (improving the performance and employees’ agility).
Anachronous model of rigid security system which is based on rigid and inflexible rules and procedures must be substituted with model oriented towards results. The main point of this approach is that the security services are above all providers for services or products to their clients or customers. This is the starting point for establishing the contours of the security model of an entity that guarantees quality services and generate effective results. On the other hand it leaves the retrograde concept of security system that only offers services without a clear mission profiled. The care for the efficient and effective provision of security services, which will anticipate and protect the citizen needs, is established as an essential professional and ethical component of modern security services.
In this article the emphasis is placed on certain designs and recommendations as well, which should serve as an inspiring paradigm for establishing the contours of professional and valuable crystallized security entity, which will be a service to the citizens and the society as a whole.
Key words: security services, service orientation, officers, clients, services

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