Systems selection and promotion of civil servants in the security bodies

Vitanski, Dejan (2015) Systems selection and promotion of civil servants in the security bodies. Faculty of Security - Skopje. ISBN 978-608-4532-76-7

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Seen through a comparative perspective, it can be concluded that in the administrative and legal theory and in the practice as well, are differentiated two systems of selection: spoils system and political recruiting of meritocracy system. The core of the first system lays in the political patronage and sponsorship, while the core of the other lays in the professional skills and competences. These two dichotomous concepts come to the fore and the creation of personnel policy within the security institutions.
In countries with groggy and insufficient security forces, who are still wandering through the labyrinths of obscure transitional tunnel and the democratic political system is in a rudimentary stage of development, and values and morals are twisted and folded at the bottom of the social pyramid and where the virus has devastating epidemic politicization effect, there are still present symptoms of decadent spoils system in all aspects of the security system.
In contrast, in crystallized state law works with functional institutional structures, the merit system is built as a major substrate in the security architecture. They are constituted by the real values and professional standards where in the mindset of staff, permanently circulate the sense in order to meet the public interest.
The spoils system cause atrophy of the vital organs of the security body, but also generates decadence of the overall security infrastructure. The multidimensional and far- reaching adverse implications which are produced by the spoils system, in order to work effectively have need of consistent political will and mobilizing mass action in which the participants would be all relevant stakeholders. Also it is required a wide range of systematic, institutional, complementary and interdependent measures, instead of empty declarative floccules coiffed demagogic statements.
In my article the accent is put on the commitment to unconditional and urgent depolitization, as condition sine qua non for creating efficient and effective security apparatus. So the intention is installation of the meritocracy values in the cells of security system without any compromise.
The security services need real professionals, people who will feel the spirit and the rhythm of these services, people who will know well the complex of their issues and will have the capacity of independent and creative thinking. Only the officers with this background will have the potential to cope with the many social-security risks, challenges and temptations.
Key words: security authorities, selection, officers, spoils system, merit system.

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