The Necessity of Continuous Reforms in Public Administrative Systems

Vitanski, Dejan (2016) The Necessity of Continuous Reforms in Public Administrative Systems. KNOWLEDGE International Journal Scientific papers, 15 (2). pp. 799-805. ISSN 1857-92

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Basic motives for the implementation of administrative reforms are building a stable state institutional mechanisms that enhance organizational and functional structure of the administration and increasing its efficiency in order to successfully carry out public works and solving public problems, develop democratic sustainable society and a prosperous market economy. The primordial objective of the reform, above all, should be redesigning, “resetting and decoding” of existing institutions and their transformation into a responsive and service-oriented public entities whose officials in the focus of their overall activity need to put the client (citizens and legal persons).

Successful countries with qualitatively differentiated and functionally potent public services are generally implementing permanent reforms, permanently honing and updating existing institutional arrangement. In these countries, where the systems are generally effective and efficient, if there is a certain stagnation of the processes, that stagnation like signal by her own will timely alert and initiate change. On the other hand, there are countries which reforms go whenever it face difficulties, while others even then when the current situation is extremely difficult and institutional framework will collapses entirely.
In most countries that still wander through the labyrinths of the dark tunnel of transition, practice shows that reforms in administration are slippery ground and Achilles fifth of many ruling nomenclature, which, unfortunately, not manifested(s) consistent political will, a serious willingness and capacity for an essential and rational transformation of the administration.
Public administration reform in the conditions of market economy and parliamentary democracy is imperative not only for its survival and prosperity, but also to effectively function as a political and legal system and the economic system. The administration is infiltrated in all spheres of the society, or the reflexes of its activities feel and pulsate in the functioning of law system, as well as economic and political system. Therefore, its reform must be understand and treat it as a necessity, as a prerequisite for reviving the objectives of the purposes of the state of law, not as a fad, because without modern administration can not be modern state.
Keywords: reform, public administration, efficiency, effectiveness, service orientation.

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