Forms of State Administration- Noting of the Essential Features and Identity Attributes of A United State and Federal State

Vitanski, Dejan (2019) Forms of State Administration- Noting of the Essential Features and Identity Attributes of A United State and Federal State. Knowledge – International Journal, 35 (5). pp. 1633-1639. ISSN 1857-923X

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The first roots and rudimentary beginnings of state order developed as early as the breakup of the first communities and with the appearance of the embryonic state of organization of society. State regulation, in the genetic sense, is as old as the social organization of the people. This means that its root is deeply embedded and widely branched out into social reality. State regulation is a particularly differentiated and crystallized legal and political term, which is subject to great interest in civilization and it attracts the attention of scholars in the relevant fields. Many prominent views have been circulating in the scientific literature regarding the definition of the term, essence and immanent features of the state order. The differences that exist between them are not of essential character, which means that a common denominator can be found in the sense of the substantive elements that constitute the entity of the state order. Form of state regulation means administrative and territorial architecture of the state or organizational vision and physiognomy of the state, primarily depending on where that sovereign state power is concentrated and what are the relations between central and non-central, local authorities of the state. The form of state regulation is directly correlated with the organizational constitution and arrangement of the state apparatus, or more specifically: whether there is a single structure of the whole state apparatus or is it divided into parts which are more or less proportionally independent. In the first case it is a single and compact organizational structure where the sovereign power is concentrated in the central state bodies, superior to all other organizational entities, while in the latter case it is the an organizational structure of several united and proportionally autonomous and equal states. The paper deeply and extensively indentifies and studies the forms of the forms of state regulation. Therefore, the author’s scientific and research interest focuses on the study, systematization and notation of the essential features and identities of the unitary as well as the federal state.
Key words: state order, sovereign power, unitary state, federation.

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