How to Travel from Difficult to Challenge

Atanasoska, Tatjana and Cvetkova Dimov, Biljana (2018) How to Travel from Difficult to Challenge. In: Proceedings 13th International Balkan Education and Science Congress. Trakya University – Edirne, Edirne Turkey, pp. 482-486. ISBN ISBN: 978-975-374-228-3

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Educational system is part of society. So why we find ourselves amazed when in schools we testify some situations we consider to be ubnormal. We constantly have some expectations from schools: among them to be catalisator of society transformation and reforming. Really, is this institution so powerfull? Societies become more and more mixed environments: different people with different cultural, etnical, religious,social, linguistical background. We must not forget their different expectations, wishes, ambitions, plans, orientation. People also have different needs, skills, knowledge, expiriences, capabilities. From the society we expect to make an efforts to focus on all those things, at group, as well as individual level. The same expectation we have from schools. We must not forget our expectation at the same time are on exellence matters: pupils has to get the most effective and the high quality education, and we expect to be exellent and to reach their full potential. All those expectations are on the high demand level, complicated and difficult to manage. All of this difficult,demanding tasks depend on teachers knowledge, capabilities, competences, motivation and willingness to give an maximum effort to acomplished them. Our country inquired strategy for inclusion of children with special educational needs for some time. It is mostly implemented at elementary school level. Secondary scools are far away from this matter, as we on a first look make an conclusion. But which is the real situation in schools? How process of inclusion of pupils with SEN is going on? What are the institutional,organizational,or other kind of obstacles that schools are facing? Is there enough support from local community factors, nstitutions for implementation of such serious concept? Are teachers well prepared for this concept?How do they manage to deal with their role? Are they good prepared for work with pupils with SEN? What side of working with pupils with SEN they find most difficult for accomplision?Are children with SEN getting the real treatment that they need? What do their parrents mean about the position of their children? What kind of support schools,parents, as well as teachers need? What is the situation about different levels of education: firs ciclys of elementary educaton, second ciclys, secondary education? Are there any differences about difeerent subjects for working with pupils with SEN? Many of those and many more questions need to be answered if we want our strategy for inclusion pupils with SEN to become a reality. Not just reality, but sucessfull story. We need an approach in wich working with those pupils is consideret as challenge, not for an misiion impossible. To find out if we are on a right way to do so we need an complex picture over all situation. And the most important we need to be aware about position, feeling and caabilities of teachers. This study is dedicated on research a part of the real situation from the teachers point of view.
Key words: Society expectations,SEN, teachers role, educational system, challenge

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