Research Utilization in the Prison Security Policymaking Process: The Macedonian Experience

Milenkovska, Marija (2018) Research Utilization in the Prison Security Policymaking Process: The Macedonian Experience. Conference Proceedings, International Conference, Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe, From Common Sense to Evidence-based Policy-making, 25-27 September, Ljubljana, Slovenia, (eds.) Gorazd Meško, Branko Lobnikar, Kaja Prislan and. pp. 213-222.

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The paper examines the relationship between the research and policy in Macedonia. It focuses upon the following questions: do policymakers in the country use the research evidence into development and reformulation of the prison security policy? How do they use the research evidence? In order to answer the questions, the paper, first, examines the existing literature and the strategic documents in this area. Then, it analyses the data collected through semi-structured interviews with individuals who were involved in the drafting different documents that have influenced prison security. At the end, the paper employs the basic models of
research utilisation developed in the literature and suggests how the prison research evidence should penetrate the prison security policymaking process in Macedonia. While the paper does not overlook the criticism of the evidence-based policy, it concludes by suggesting that the policymakers should consider using research more directly in the development of the prison security policy.

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