Macedonians and Albanians: Trust or Security Dilemmas among the Macedonian Citizens

Milenkovska, Marija and Dimovska, Elena (2019) Macedonians and Albanians: Trust or Security Dilemmas among the Macedonian Citizens. Conference Proceedings, International Scientific Conference The Great Powers Influence on the Security of Small States, 23 – 25 June, 2019, Ohrid, 1. pp. 246-256.

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The paper aims to assess the process of reconciliation within the Macedonian society after the 2001 conflict. It raises the following questions: what is the level of trust and the level of communication between ethnic Macedonians and ethnic Albanians? Do they share a vision for a common future? In order to answer the questions, the paper analyses the answers of the young ethnic
Macedonians and young ethnic Albanians, as well as the Macedonian members of the security forces participants in 2001 conflict who responded to semi-structured
interviews. Further, it analyses the answers through the prism of the existing literature on reconciliation. The analysis shows that eighteen years after the end of the conflict, relations between the two largest ethnic groups are still influenced by a host of factors, such as stereotypes, security issues, allegations of selective justice. In the concluding observations, the authors summarize the main findings of the analysis and make recommendations on how the level of trust between ethnic
Macedonians and ethnic Albanians could be increased.

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