Perception of Students of the Faculty of Security -Skopje for Ethics

Dujovski, Nikola and Mojsoska, Snezana and Ristov, Ivan (2016) Perception of Students of the Faculty of Security -Skopje for Ethics. Revista Românească pentru Educaţie Multidimensională, VIII (1). ISSN 2066-7329

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Ethics occupies a special place and value in sciences. It has a strong impact on research, as well as on project management and governance in higher education institutions. Studying the issues of ethics and ethical behaviour is a top priority of each higher education institution which deals with the education of police and other security institutions. The significance of ethics in a democratic society with modern policing is of importance for the development of the police profession and respect of human rights and freedoms.This paper aims to present the views and opinions of students regarding the ethics not only in education but also in the police profession. A group of 80 students were included in the survey, who answered to 13 questions regarding ethics in the police studies and in the police profession. A group of questions are related to the students’ opinion on citizen’s views.The results of the survey will offer appropriate conclusions to improve the curriculum on police ethics, simultaneously acknowledging the views of students and their needs for additional training or education in the field of ethics. This approach will give a more comprehensive view of ethics and will become a driving force of the change of attitudes among the police officers.

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