The Republic of Macedonia and the Contemporary Migrant and Refugee Crisis

Dujovski, Nikola and Mojsoska, Snezana (2017) The Republic of Macedonia and the Contemporary Migrant and Refugee Crisis. Security Dialogues, 8 (2). ISSN ISSN 1857-7172

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Abstract: The contemporary refugee crisis brought numerous challenges and raised many questions about the capacity and the ability of Macedonian security system. Two aspects of dealing with this crisis are especially significant: first - to minimize the challenges of the large number of refugees, while respecting the accepted world standards for protection, and second - to protect Macedonia's borders and interests. The first "wave" of the worst refugee crises in modern society fared relatively well and the security forces of the Republic of Macedonia demonstrated a high level of response capability. Along with the political decisions that aimed to prevent endangering the security of the state and citizens, in terms of introducing a state of emergency and the involvement of several bodies and institutions, were mitigated the consequences that could arise for the system as a whole, but also for the security of citizens in general. However, monitoring of the current security and political situation in the Middle East, especially in the countries from whence came the largest number of refugees before, leads to the conclusion that it is possible to recurrence the situation from 2015 and 2016. Therefore it is very important to monitor the condition of multiple levels, to propose measures and activities aimed at timely and quality response to future challenges related to any new security threats. The paper aims to analyze the recent papers in this area, and to offer new horizons to the possible movements of refugees, their origin, objectives and interests and so on. The authors will analyze the statistics on refugee movement, and measures undertaken by the security forces. It could appear as a good basis for planning the future activities.

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