Determination of vitamins as additives for fortification of refreshing soft drinks

Karakasova, Ljubica and Babanovska-Milenkovska, Frosina and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Durmishi, Namik and Culeva, Biljana (2017) Determination of vitamins as additives for fortification of refreshing soft drinks. In: 3nd International Symposium for Agricultural and Food (ISAF)/Book of abstracts, 18-20 Oct 2017, Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia.

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In this research were tested the quality and nutritional composition of fresh and dried apple fruits, from the varieties pinova and red delicious. The apples were
grown in the region of Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia. The fruits were harvested manually after the visual assessment on terrain and after determination of
harvesting time. After analyzing the mechanical and chemical properties of the fresh fruits, we started the preparation of fruits for drying. The treatment of the raw
material was done with 0,1 % solution of citric acid and 0,5 % solution of K2S2O5, during the time of immersion for five minutes. In order to compare the impact of applied treatments on tested chemical properties, we also applied a variant of untreated fruit (control). Drying was performed in a chamber drier from the type S100, at a temperature of 65 °C to 70 °C for 6 to 8 hours. From the chemical composition of fresh and dried apple fruits, we examined: the total dry matter, total sugars, total acids, vitamin C, pectin, flavonoids, tannins and mineral matter. The fresh fruits from the pinova variety were characterized by better mechanics properties (weight 137,35 g, height 62,56 mm, width 68,78 mm) compared to the fruits of the red delicious variety. In fruits from this variety there were higher values for: total sugars 14,16 %, 0,34 % total acids, flavonoids 2,66 μg/g, tannins 1,39 μg/g and mineral matters 0,25 %. After the analysis of dried apple fruits, the varieties of pinova and red delicious, the higher content of vitamin C was found in fruits treated with 0,5% solution of K2S2O5. The process of drying in a chamber drier enabled preservation of the chemical properties and getting quality final product.

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