Compare between biscuits produced with Hull-less and Hulled barley

Nakov, Gjore and Jukić, Marko and Stamatovska, Viktorija and Ivanova, Nastia and Šušak, Ana and Koceva Komlenić, Daliborka (2018) Compare between biscuits produced with Hull-less and Hulled barley. In: 9th International CONGRESS of Food Technologists, Biotechnologists and Nutritionists/Proceeding, 03-05 Oct 2018, Zagreb, Croatia.

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The use of non-traditional raw matetrials and flour and replacement of wheat flour with them, follows the modern trend of production of healthy bakery products.
The aim of this paper is to show the difference between flour from hull-less and hulled barley and biscuits
produced form 100% hull-less and hulled barley flour.
The following analyzes were made on flour and produced biscuits (Method AACC 10-50D), moisture (ISO 6540), ash (ISO 5984:2002), antioxidant activity (DPPH method) and total polyphenols (determined with Folin-Ciocalteu reagent). After baking in biscuits was measuring the color of the biscuits in CIE L*a*b* system by using colorimeter (Konica Minolta Chroma Meter CR-400, Japan).
From the analyses made, we have found that hulled barley flour has higher moisture, ash, antioxidant activity and total polyphenols than hull-less barley flour. Chemical analysis in biscuits show that heat treatment (baking) reduces the moisture, ash, antioxidant activity and total polyphenols in biscuits. The produced biscuits with hulled barley flour was more lighter, less redder and yellower then biscuits produced with hull-less barley flour.

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