The positive impact of bioprotective culture on certain burger parameters

Uzunoska, Zora and Pejkovski, Zlatko and Kalevska, Tatjana and Beličovska, Daniela and Beličovska, Katerina and Stamatovska, Viktorija (2016) The positive impact of bioprotective culture on certain burger parameters. Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, 6 (1). pp. 31-39. ISSN 1857-7709

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The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of bioprotective culture (Lactobacillus sakei) on certain parameters of burgers, under industrial condition. Four groups of burgers were produced: without additives (R), as referent ones; with additives and antioxidants (R/B/A); with bioculture B-2 SafePro (Lactobacillus sakei) added (R/L); and with B-2 SafePro, additives and antioxidants (R/L/B/A). The lowest pH was determined in R/L/B/A, and the highest in R/B/A, 3 days after production, although the difference was minimal (6.105 v. 6.125). However, 7 days after production, the difference between R/L and the rest of the 3 groups was evident, the lowest pH was determined in
R/L, and the highest in R products (5.792 v. 5.966). The grilling weight loss was the highest in R/L compared to other groups, R, R/B/A. R/L/B/A (15.75 % v.14.225, 12.237, 12.75 %). The best sensory characteristics were given to R/L and the worse to R burgers, 7 days after production (89.125 v. 48.125). The results of 90 days storage (at –18°C), have showed the lowest values of Thibarbituric Acid Reductive Substances (TBARS) (0.567 mg/kg) in R/L/B/A. The
highest total bacteria count (higher number of Lactobacillus sakei colonies notified) was present in R/L burgers. An addition of bioprotectective culture to burgers has a positive impact on their pH, sensory characteristics and microbial profile inducing prolonged shelf life of burgers.

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