Chemical changes in eggs in different storage conditions

Petrovska, Katerina and Joshevska, Elena and Kalevska, Tatjana and Kitanovski, Vladimir and Kitanovski, Dimce (2018) Chemical changes in eggs in different storage conditions. SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, 65 (1). pp. 48-54. ISSN ISSN 2535-1311

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The aging of the eggs beside that it has an influence of the internal and external changes that occur in the quality
characteristics of eggs for consumption, also influence on the chemical composition of the egg. This change is
expressed in the absolute and relative amounts of the eggs components, yolk color, and histologic structure. In
this labour are shown the results of the examination of the chemical parameters (water, proteins, fat, minerals) of
the eggs from two hybrid lineskept in different storage condition, room temperature (16°C) and in the refrigerator
(4°C). The results for the changes of the chemical composition of egg white and egg yolk starting from 0
, 10th
day, 21th, until 40th day of eggs storage indicate that changes depends primary from the surface of egg shell,
temperature and storage dept.
Gradually, as time passes by, the mean values of water content, of eggs storage from both hybrid lines decrease,
which indicates increasing of the parameters of dry matter especially protein content of egg white. Higher
variation during storage does not appear in the fat content of the eggs from the white egg shell and significant
variation (p <0.01) is found in mineral from 10th dayuntil 40th day of eggs storage. The variation which is
approximately 1% or lesswas notice in the mineral content of the eggs during storage from the both hybrid lines.
Practical applications
Changes that occur during egg storage have an impact on their quality. It is important to note for practice
and for the food industry that the eggs kept at room temperature should be consumed within two weeks
or stored in a refrigerator up to 8 weeks.
Key words: eggs for consumption, hybrid lines, storage period, quality

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