Determination of Vitamin C in Different Types of Milk

Tomovska, Julijana and Menkovska, Mirjana and Ahmad, M. Ayaz (2018) Determination of Vitamin C in Different Types of Milk. Determination of Vitamin C in Different Types of Milk, 7 (5 /II). pp. 77-82. ISSN (e): 2319 – 1813 ISSN (p): 23-19 – 1805

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Mainly consumed food that is rich with antioxidant have a protective role of the human cells against the oxidative damage. Vitamin C represent one of the most known antioxidants, and an examined on it was performed in different types of milk. The antioxidant characteristics of vitamin C stems from the fact that it is exclusively good electron donor, and it represent a reducing agent neutralizing the free radicals. In the investigation as a medium were used a few types of milk: raw cows and sheep milk, sterilized whole milk and skim milk, milk with added of vitamins and chocolate milk. Sample extraction was performed according to the method described by Roe and Kuether with certain modifications. Determination of vitamin C was done by spectrophotometer (Spectro Quant Pharo 300 – Merck) at 520nm using calibration curve according to the method of Al-Ani. The highest content of vitamin C was obtained from vitaminized milk with the maximal value 1.20 mg/dl, while the minimal value was obtained from skim milk 0.1 mg/dl. With added of vitamin C in milk also the antioxidant capacity of milk is improved. In addition of this, daily essential vitamin C intake in the nutrition at children (vitaminized milk) and sports (chocolate milk) had also improved. Taking into regard the above stated, it was concluded that it is reasonable to add vitamin C in milk and to obtain milk with supplements having status of functional food, providing so a number of benefits for the consumer health.
KEY WORDS: antioxidant activity, free radicals, vitamin C, chocolate milk, raw milk.

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