Consumed meat as a factor for change of lipid status in humans

Stojanovski, Mitre and Tomovska, Julijana and Joshevska, Elena and Dojchinovski, Trajan (2015) Consumed meat as a factor for change of lipid status in humans. Knowledge, International Journal Scientific and Applicative Papers, 8 (2). pp. 86-90. ISSN 1857/92

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The health condition of the man largely depends on excessive energy intake from fat provided by the
consumption of meat. Investigation is done of the impact of the consumption of meat on lipid status in humans.
Examine covers a group of 236 respondents of which 108 were men and 128 were women and divided into 4
groups according to gender and age. Since blood parameters analysis are examined the lipid status, total
cholesterol (HOL), high density lipid (HDL), low density lipid (LDL), and triacilgliceridi (TG). Concentrations
of HOL levels in male who consume a small amount of meat (once a week for 200 grams), irrespective of age
and sex on average is 5.406 mmol / l, and also the same conditions females were 5.405 mmol / l. Males HDL =
1,26 mmol / l, while in women, HDL = 1,52 mmol / l in men LDL = 3 36 mmol / l, and in women LDL = 3 36
mmol / l. HOL concentration in subjects who regularly consume adequate meals containing meat (about
200grams per day) regardless of age and sex on average for men was 5.382 mmol / l and females HOL = 5,212
mmol / l. Concentration in men HDL = 1,252 mmol / l, LDL = 3,385mmol / l, TG = 1,77mmol / l, respectively,
at the female was HOL = 5,212mmol / l, HDL = 1,465mmol / l, LDL = 2,925 and TG = 1,337mmol / l. Meat
meal no effect on the increase in the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood serum of men.
Keywords: lipid status, meat, cholesterol, triglycerides

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